SmartThings SkyBell HD Integration Released

(Cristofer Johnson) #142

I would not buy another skybell product. I own two and they only ever sort of work. Support was going to get back to me 6 months ago, I just gave up and steer everyone away. Such a shame as the night vision is gorgeous.

(Realy Living Dream) #143

I bought & returned 3 generations of Ring. I have not had any complaints with Skybell in the year I’ve had it. Well other than the cloud delay where I get the somebody is approaching the door after they are walking away. Using it for motion with ST the alerts are spot on.

(Cristofer Johnson) #144

The ups guy is always back in the truck before I get an alert. If someone really wanted to they could run up and rip it off the wall an most times it would not record them doing it. It takes way to much time for anything to happen with it. I don’t use the motion sensor with smart things as there is no way to turn it on or off from smarttings. Supposed to work, never worked for me. These are such little things that could be fixed in a couple of weeks if they were actually interested in supporting their customers rather than moving on to the next thing. I guess the obscene latency could cost more than a couple of dollars to fix. I would still love these without ST if it weren’t for the slowness of it all.

(Realy Living Dream) #145

I never use the SB alerts, but ST alert goes off well before they get to.the door 90% of the time. I have 5 other hardwired cameras watching the front yard, driveway, porch and doors. So even if they can run faster than the doorbell, I will guarantee that I got a good shot of them.

(Eric Anderson) #146

Ditto, SB goes off before they can even make it to the door. only time it doesn’t is if the person is the same temperature as the background, which is just a flaw all motion sensors have It wasn’t like that at first, but they have updated the firmware to fix that problem.
Up time is great, i’ve only had to reboot it once since i’ve had it which was about 3 weeks after being installed. Cause was more then likely was a installation problem. i put stranded wire lead going to the house solid core wiring, this resulted in better fit to the mount and i’ve never had a problem since.

(Brian) #147

I am not seeing the integration. I can see live video of doorbell…but don’t see anyway to have motion take snaphot, etc. That is when I access skybell through smartthings app.
When I access skybell is says not intergration??
I was hoping I could turn on a light when someone rings a doorbell or something like that.

Also, anyone else have issue with skybell install? My interior mechanical doorbell hums when skybell installed. They had me replace transformer and doorbell chime which I did and it still hums. Is it possible skybell has an issue? I am thinking of returning and getting RING (I installed that for my mother and install was good and customer service was 100 times better than skybell [skybell does not seem to care]).

(Realy Living Dream) #148

The no integration in SB app is a known bug, but has no effect on the ST integration. Once you link your account to ST .You can set up the Skybell to trigger any action that can be triggered by any other motion sensor in ST.
I went through 3 generations of Ring & the CS was a complete joke. Standard Ring reply was that if I didn’t like the way their product didn’t work just return it to the place of purchase for a refund. Which I did. Never even a slight offer to try and diagnose the problem. SB has been rock solid since day one. Only issue has been phantom motion which is likely to happen with any camera. At times there is a delay in the trigger, just because it is cloud based.

(Matt Behnken) #149

I’m trying to get skybell feed to interrupt the tv when the doorbell rings. I’m using a dedicated tablet, android autocast with a chromecast, and tasker to “tap” the notification on the tablet to start the streaming. It’s really involved. Anybody else have a better, more simple method?

Basically, smartthings dashboard on the tv would suffice. Or similarly, ip camera feeds on the tv?

(Eric Anderson) #150

l have just noticed Skybelll can now trigger lights. :grin:

(Rolph Muller) #151

I’ve just bought a Skybell planning to integrate it. Can’t get it to provide any video, neither clips nor live feed. It does send push messages for motion and bell press, but that’s it. I’ve got a strong signal with over 20Mps speed at the bell. I’m stuck until I get this first stage sorted. Any clues anyone and do we have a current contact for support at Skybell? I mailed them directly with a general question a few weeks ago and never got a reply.


Call them they will help you. I had about the same problem & had to add a wifi extender just inside the door which corrected the problem

(Bob Crain) #153

Can’t seem to find it, does skybell trim plus work with smartthings or only the skybell HD?

(Rolph Muller) #154

Thanks Mike. I’ve actually moved the bell indoors next to the router with a cable and still the same problem. Might have to call them - but I’m in Finland so I was trying to avoid it - maybe no choice.

(Eric Anderson) #155

Was your device used for the speed test connected to wireless G, 2.4GHz, network?
More then likely you are connected to N.

(Eric Anderson) #156

You need to create a smart lighting routine.

I can here my transformer/door bell humming slightly too, it is the way it is when you have current flowing thru you door bell striker coil.

Skybell different version questions (, Honeywell, Slim, Trim, HD....)
(Rolph Muller) #157

N 2.4 I guess. The router is b/g/n but it is a high speed connection - I’m in Finland and they are pretty well the norm here in cities at least.
I did call the company at their opening time on Friday and they were very helpful. They said it was likely a port forwarding issue and would send me a mail. Still waiting, but maybe I’ll get it Monday.

(Chandler Newby) #158

Did you ever find out if the Trim Plus works with smartthings?


The skybell trim plus from or the honeywell skybell trim work with smarthings.

(Colin) #161

I have a support case open with ST about the chime buttons not actually working in the Skybell Device, and that the motion events are not being passed (at least not consistently) to ST. They have at least, to this point said that it looks like it’s an integration issue on the C2C level, not specifically to me. Which seems to indicate that they were able to reproduce at least some of my issue on their test setup.

(Bob Crain) #162

Looks like we have our answer, thanks everyone!