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SmartThings SkyBell HD Integration Released

(Realy Living Dream) #122

My SB app is also showing no integration, but it is working fine in ST.
I would suggest going through the device setup in ST making sure to "done " all the way through to the end. Obviously since the camera is showing in ST there is some connection going on, or was at one point to capture the preview photo.

(Cristofer Johnson) #123

Nope, went do far as to remove and add again. Same behavior. I get notifications on motion and button press. I can press video and about two minutes later it shows up on the SkyBell app. If I press image, nothing happens in either app. Chimes eventually say off in ST even when they are on. If I turn the chimes on then off, they turn off. If I then go and turn them on, they turn on.

I see no video or pictures in ST. It does take a snapshot every so often and change the picture but I have no control over that or even know how often.


I would like to disable SkyBell HD’s motion detection under certain circumstances. Am I missing anything when it appears that SkyBell’s SmartThings integration does not include this ability?

If so, are there any plans to add this feature?

In my case there are times when I will have a lot of traffic going past my front door and having the bell go off constantly is undesirable.
Of course I can manually disable motion detection through the App, but I know exactly the circumstances for which I want that turned off and… well, just the fact that I’m in this forum tells you, MUST AUTOMATE.

Thanks in advance for any information!


(Eric) #125

I see no way to enable/disable motion. That’s my main use case.

In fact, I can see nothing valuable this integration does. Just shows me the feed in ST. And in fact, it doesn’t do that even anymore.

I had hoped to “arm” and “disarm” the motion/recording type stuff based on being home or not. So now, well, we just do it in the Skybell app.

Maybe someone can explain what they actually are currently using this integration for because I really want to be wrong and have misunderstood something.

(TJ) #126

The integration seems very limited and broken in many parts. I have the same issues listed above: SkyBell app states no integrations, chimes show as off in ST app when they are on and I only get notifications from the SkyBell app. I have my away security set to use all sensors and added the SkyBell after my initial setup of ST. Well ST added the motion sensor of SkyBell to my away security settings so when my mailman dropped off a package one day that set off the siren in my house. Since I didn’t get a notification from ST my siren was going off (while I wasn’t home) for a good hour before I realized it by opening the ST app for something else. Needless to say, I have removed the SkyBell motion detector as a trigger for my away security. I was hesitant to buy the SkyBell because the reviews were 50/50 but I have been happy with its performance by itself. The integration with ST leaves much to be desired.

(Realy Living Dream) #127

I surprised to read all these complaints about ST SB integration . About a month into SB HD and unlike SB or SB 2.0 it actually works and integration as motion detector works well in ST. Live view shows in ST. Using SB motion to trigger alerts in ST, there is a couple second delay ( pretty much expected with any C2C integration) , but they do work.

I actually just came into this thread to see if anybody had come up with a way to add SB speaker for TTS announcements. Thinking something stupid like it detects motion and the " intruder" gets a ’ Halt, who goes there ?" or something.

I really don’t care whether or not SB app shows the ST connection or not, as long as it works. I don’t need to be able to take pics or record video in ST, when SB already does it.

(Cristofer Johnson) #128

Using SB as a motion sensor seems pointless. I can walk across the entirely of my house before it triggers anything. I don’t want or need this function as c2c is just too slow. I would like to be able to turn on and off the chime from SmartThings. I would like to have ST tell SB to record video when one of the actual motion sensors goes off. I do like knowingly which SB has been rung and have ST announce that through Sonos. For me that’s all the integration I get. These things have to work for someone. Why should I have to go through the SB app? I have a smart house for a reason. I could have bought a couple of cameras with 2-way audio and mimo lites and had more functionality for less. Don’t get me wrong I like my skybells. Just wish it was actually integrated with SmartThings.

(Realy Living Dream) #129

Mine isn’t even close to that slow. I get the " somebody is at door" announcement by the time they get in the door 90+% of the time. So if lights did not already come on with lock unlocking or door opening it would be fine.

Yes there are some times ( like last night ) that I took out the trash to curb and it didn’t go off until I was back in the house, then went off again 3 minutes later. That is the exception though, not the rule.

(Ace) #130

The integration has been horrible for me as well. The delay is pretty bad (5+ seconds at times) considering delivery people and guests often aren’t very patient.

I can’t even get the darn SB button to trigger events like flash a light, or make an announcement through my Sonos or other speaker. It just simply refuses to register in ST when the SB button is pressed. I have reached out to their customer support, I saw a few direct emails for SB folks on here and sent them notes, and have heard nothing back for months now.

As you said we could’ve gotten more functionality out of other solutions for less $$ and with less heartburn.

Really unfortunate to be honest, I have been a SkyBell fan and supporter since their Gen 1 product.


Reading all these negative comments are surprising me. I have the SBHD and integrated it fine. Setup a CoRE piston to turn up the entry way lights to 100% once motion detection or the button is pushed (you know, for the safety of the pizza guy). The initial setup of the SB was a total pain and I had to call support once to get the sequence for a total reset, but once I had it working, it integrated with ST pretty easily.

Are you guys using CoRE to do the triggers?

(Realy Living Dream) #132

My experience is the same, and I don’t use CoRE. Just the official integration. SB app is running on one of my control panels with interior chime turned on with motion, so it rings before they get a chance to push the button. Announcement through Big Talker/ Lanouncer could be faster, but 95% of the time the alert goes off just as they get to the door or sooner.

Only complaint is with actual SB app when I do get an alert the app does take way too long to actually load. I’ve learned it is better ( faster ? ) to just open the app & look at timeline , than it is to click on the push notification. .

(Nikhil Sharma) #133

The SkyBell HD is a good product, however it’s not the best. The reason I tried it was because it didn’t have the $3/month cloud fee. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to like it over the competition, after trying the Ring Pro, it is leaps and bounds better than the SkyBell HD. Better image quality in daylight, more responsive app, consistent recording. I’m happy to give the SkyBell another shot in the future, but in it’s current state, the Ring Pro is the way to go even with the $3/month fee.

(Ron pfaff) #134

I want to add my support here. I don’t need to have motion based recordings when presence sensors are active since it creates a lot of needless recordings. This could also be done with a IFTTT trigger. Please and remote capabilities to disable/enable motion.

(Matt Behnken) #135

I’m a huge fan. I would love a Snapshot notification of the visitor on motion or button. I would accept skybell only or ST integration :), my ST hub has a glitch where it keeps the skybell busy and the skybell can’t answer rings from the app, when I disconnect it from ST, The issue disappears. I tried adding and removing skybell from ST and Readding, to no avail. I get that same indoor chime is off in the log, despite it being on. I was able to trigger the porch light to come on if it’s night time and if the lights off anyway through ifttt.

I rarely want a video of the visitor, or to have a conversation. It has happened though. I typically just want to know who’s there, ie delivery etc…


I disconnected SkyBell from Smartthings, indoor/outdoor chime auto turn off in ST app I only get notifications from the SkyBell app.

(Cristofer Johnson) #137

I have ST play 10 minutes of dogs barking when skybell rings and we’re not home. But its definitely not integrated that much. I too would like to shut off motion detection without opening the skybell app.


I’m having one of the issues reported here consistently. My activity feed is repeatedly hit (usually every 5 minutes or so) with:
“outdoor chime is off”
"indoor chime is off"
Attached picture

I’ll note that the chimes are not actually off. The SB app says what they really are, and the function fine, as far as I can tell.

In general, the Skybell seems to be working and motion and button presses are coming through to both SB and ST apps, but my ST activity feed is inundated with useless notifications, which makes finding real, more important logs difficult. Has anyone successfully gotten those repeat notifications to go away? I may integrate it through IFTTT, which seems silly, if I can’t solve this.

Thank you,

(Doug Beard) #139

I have the same problem as mentioned frequently throughout this thread.

1.) Motion Detection doesn’t work within ST. No activity is ever sent for motion detection.
2.) Recent History shows SB is being polled, during which time it sends the picture most recently taken and reports the chimes as being off. (Verified the chimes are not off).

I don’t mind the historical information being polluted by the refresh/poll. For me, the activity events are far more important. They simply don’t work at this time, which makes integration with ST useless.

(Realy Living Dream) #140

I have big talker announcement when SB detects motion & it works fine. There is a longer than appreciated delay sometimes, but it fires 95% of the time.

(About me: #141

@SkyBellAndrew, @sam_skybell, @SkyBell-Support:

Will the slimline version be able to use the skybell app, and connect with smartthings ?

-All the info i find on this is both ways, some say yes, other say no…

Would prefer the slimline version if i could.