SmartThings SkyBell HD Integration Released

(Sam) #102

Hi Charles, I can help you with this. Please email me and I will get your device updated.

(Sam) #103

Thank you Sal and keep the feedback coming. We appreciate the time you took to let us know. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me,

(Sam) #104

Hi, I am not sure why you didn’t receive the email. You can find all updates and announcements here: Send me your email, and I will be sure that I get it into our database. Thank you!

(Nikhil Sharma) #105

How can I change the exposure settings for the video? My front door is under a covered roof, so on sunny days, it is impossible to see the person’s face. It is perfect at night however.

(Sam) #106

Hi, thanks for reaching out. There is currently no way to set the exposure on your SkyBell; however, we are aware of this issue and are working to remedy it. I will let you know when I have a more tentative date on the changes. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


VP, Engineering Customer Care
SkyBell Technologies
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Irvine, CA

(Sam) #107

Hi Adam,

My name is Sam and I would love to help you with this. Please contact me,, and I will make sure your information and suggestions get to the development team.

(Charles) #108

[quote=“sam_skybell, post:102, topic:53119, full:true”]
Hi Charles, I can help you with this. Please email me and I will get your device updated.
[/quote] Very good to hear from you, Sam. Thanks for participating in the forum. Beware, it can be brutal but Skybell will be better off for it. I’ve gotten past the firmware issue, but I sent you an email about several intermittent problems I see.

(Nikhil Sharma) #109

Is there a way to troubleshoot why the Skybell HD always seems to fail connecting to the live view when someone has either rang the doorbell or triggered the motion alert?

Other than that, the live connection works fine. It is also NOT my wifi signal…I’ve tested that plenty of times and the signal is more than strong enough for the Skybell HD.

(Charles) #110

My SBHD is hit and miss, but one thing is consistent. I have never seen the live view. It spins and gives me (from memory) a message like “could not establish stream”.

(Devesh Batra) #111

agreed, live views are mostly a miss… i usually go back after a few minutes to view the recorded event, which always works


For those having live view issues are you on Android? Asking because I saw a few Amazon reviews posts about the same issue on Android only. I am in the market for a video doorbell so trying to pay attention to the various issues each has.

(Nikhil Sharma) #113

I am on Android. The IOS app is leaps and bounds ahead of Android in terms of robustness.

(Nikhil Sharma) #114

I will say that SkyBell support has been incredible. They are certainly working behind the scenes to make sure there customers are satisfied.

(Charles) #115

My always-failing Live Stream is on Android.

I really have mixed feelings about this product. It’s just flaky, but when it works I see potential. The improvement in motion-activated recording (with fw ver 1122) is promising. I agree that support tries, but I suspect the volume of calls is overwhelming.

(Nikhil Sharma) #116

Having some more issues. As of this morning, my new Skybell HD doesn’t trigger any notifications from motion or button presses. Also, the live stream hasn’t been working all morning.

(Nikhil Sharma) #117

Update for others is that the Skybell servers are very slow right now, causing issues for users.

(Realy Living Dream) #118

So you’re telling me I picked a bad day to install my new SB . I just assumed that HD was as much a POS as the original SB and SB2 that I gave up on ever working and returned. I am getting clips from button presses in app, but no motion alerts or live view. I really wanted SB HD to work just for the ST integration.

(Nikhil Sharma) #119

I connected with Skybell support, and they mentioned the servers were down, resulting in the issues. I received an email from them just now informing me that the servers are working now.

Indeed the button presses and motion both trigger instant notifications on my phone now, and the live view is working perfectly.

Try again and it should be working now.

(Realy Living Dream) #120

I did as soon as I saw /replied to your post. Yes everything is working and I was able to get ST integration set up. I had checked their FB/Twitter and saw nothing, then emailed them about how “HAPPY” I was with my purchase.
Too cold to go out and see if motion detection is working, that can wait till wife gets home in 1/2 hour LOL. I am still thawing out from installing it 2 hours ago.

(Cristofer Johnson) #121

I recently installed two Skybells and have it installed in the SmartThings Android app. The ST app reports that both chimes are off on both SkyBells. But they are on and show as such in the SkyBell app. Also the SkyBell app says there are no integrations. Any help$