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SmartThings SkyBell HD Integration Released

(Justin Stroud) #244

Ahh ok, I see. I can understand your frustration then. Have you considred looking into an Arlo camera system? They are wire free and it’s a very good system. I guess since I already have an 8 camera security system all I’m going to expect out of my skybell is ST’s integration adn the ability to quickly see who is at my door.

(Sal) #245

Everytime i reboot my router, skybell appears offline permanently in my Smarthings mobile app. Although skybell continues to work without any problem using the skybell app. To get it work in smarthings i have to delete it and then re-add that to smarthings. Can someone help on this?


(Realy Living Dream) #246

Is your SB set to a static IP?
SB has “always” shown as offline in ST. SB always shows no integrations, by SB works in ST.

(Sal) #247

Yes, my skybell has a static ip address. everytime i add skybell to smartthings it shows as ONLINE, only after the router reboot it goes offline.

(Realy Living Dream) #248

It doesn’t matter what it says, does it work? My SB has been " offline" for years. That doesn’t stop it from triggering the bell & automatic in ST. SB/ST is cloud to cloud.

(Ryan Gunther) #249

Can anyone tell me why my Skybell HD used to show an image when I click the device in ST, but now it doesnt show any images under the device or under recently tab? I have removed the device and the skybell app several times and tried re-adding but still no go. If I remember, the images used to appearb when I first installed it. Thanks,

(Sal) #250

I noticed the same behavior a couple of days back. This used to work earlier and more over it used to capture an image every 5 minutes, all that is not working anymore.

(Bryan) #251

Same issue here! I only had it installed for 48hrs before the video images stopped working.

(Andy Armijo) #252

Do you guys use the skybell’s own app? I don’t know how to reply to multiple people, but for me, the skybell app has no activity history. Ultimately, after calling numerous times someone at skybell said they have a known bug concerning activity history, and I would imagine this behavior is related to that. For an hour I had activity history in skybell and the same activity showed up in smartthings.

(Brian Harding) #253

I sometimes have to either log out of the Skybell app to refresh the activity history, or whenever motion is detected, I click on the notification on my home page which opens the Skybell app and then the history updates. If the notification is recent it will take you to Live View and then you need to hang up,


(Realy Living Dream) #254

My SB app history is fine, motion alerts are still working in ST. As others have said there is no longer any pics in ST, live or historic.

(Loic) #255

Are the pics in ST back?

(Realy Living Dream) #256

Not that I can see in mine.


Do you get motion alerts in Smartthings when the motion alerts in Skybell are turned off?

(Realy Living Dream) #258

I’d have to check. I’ve never turned them off. Well I did for a couple days a while ago because wind blowing flag in the yard was ringing the bell every 3 minutes & driving us nuts. Lol

(Ryan Gunther) #259

Has anybody got the pictures in smartthings app back? Mine still doesn’t show any images.

(Adam) #260

I called smartthings support and they told me images were removed in a “app update”, when I asked why there was still an image and video button she told me they dont know why the app developers do anything and cant communicate nor escalate the fact that I would like to see images again…

(Realy Living Dream) #261

English translation, storing pics & video natively takes up space & power that ST doesn’t want to give up.