SmartThings SkyBell HD Integration Released

(gfbuyer) #223

Went ahead and deleted SkyBell from ST. Re-added. Once this was done I re-established the SHM Custom rule and was able to get the ST Push notification in addition to the SkyBell Push Notification.

(gfbuyer) #224

Thanks for the help here and in the Arlo Community ! I finally got everything going correctly.

(Brian Harding) #225

Glad you got everything working. Now that you know how to set up Custom Rules, you will find all sorts of uses for your devices. For example: I use the temperature settings available in nearly every Smartthings device to warn me if the temperature in a room gets too hot, (For example over 85 Degrees), and trigger the closest camera so that I can see if there is a fire or smoke, etc. and send me a notification.
I also have sensors outside under the eaves of my house to trigger the Arlo cameras earlier so that I don’t just see the back of someone leaving. I can use sensors and/or Skybell to let me know if a package has arrived or if the Mailman brought me mail and use my front porch camera to capture it all…
There are so many options in Smartthings and device integrations that it takes awhile to fit the system to your needs. Enjoy the endless things you can do with Smartthings.


(Ryan) #226

Meandering slightly off topic, please forgive me.

I currently have a normal doorbell push button wired to an Aeon Dry Contact Sensor ZW097. This triggers my Zooz Smart Chimes which act as the doorbell. I am no longer using any part of the original 24v doorbell system.

I’m wondering if I can run a SkyBell Trim Plus by re-enabling the 24v feed (only to power the unit) and use IFTTT through SmartThings to trigger the Zooz Smart Chimes?

I assume this is possible but wanted to check.

Thank you!

(Eric Anderson) #227

Check with Skybell, I beilieve you need a resistor.

(Colin) #228

Yes, a resistor is required if not using an attached chime… See this page:


Is anyone having a problem on turning on Skybell through ST? Mine seems like it’s offline. Power is on, but it’s offline on ST and the Skybell app itself keeps crashing every time I tried to open it.

(Realy Living Dream) #230

SB has always shown as offline in ST. SB app has always said no connections. However that has never affected it actually working properly.
I have noticed a significant delay in SB lately, as in UPS presses the button and he is already 1/2 way back to his truck before app rings.

(Charles) #231

I’ve had mine installed and integrated with ST for over a year. I’m pretty sure it used to report motion events to ST. But sometime along the way, it stopped doing so. Has anything changed in regard to motion? Is there a simple way to jog it back to life? Or, maybe my recollection is wrong, and it never did?

(Realy Living Dream) #232

It did, it does. If yours isn’t I’d try reauthorizing SB it ST app.

(Jason) #233

Mine work ‘ok’ when I am Geographically close to them, But if I am on vacation… No go. Kind of defeats the purpose.

(Devesh Batra) #234

nothing but trouble with SkyBell and having bought 3 different models since their crowdfunding days, this would be my last device… Support has been good, but all they recommend is to re-pair the unit to the SkyBell app and then it works for a few days…

I get occasional notifications. going to replace it with an outdoor POE camera and use BI for alerts once this bell dies…

(Realy Living Dream) #235

Sounds like my experience with Ring, except their CS was useless. " If you don’t like it just return it to the store".
Skybell HD has been problem free for over a year. Only “issue” is showing as offline in ST app and showing no integration in SB app, but integration works, so I don’t care what it says in the apps.

(Devesh Batra) #236

my Skybell HD has been replaced twice under warranty. recently for a swelling battery, which made the unit not connect properly to the base, causing intermittent connectivity issues…

(Jim Cool) #237

Have had Skybell HD for less than a year now. Happy to see the new android release and can find it for less than in the past. More smart integrations would be useful.

However …A serious problem with the Skybell HD is the recording time disappointment.

This major concern that was brought to light 5 months ago to Skybell, and again last week, has yet to be resolved.

The Skybell On Demand recording time is much much shorter than the advertised documentation, more than three times shorter. This fact was replicated by a Skybell tech as well, but that’s all that has ever happened.

Skybell Documentation states
"How long will it record video?
SkyBell April 10, 2018 07:34

SkyBell HD:

“On Demand” will record for up-to 5 minutes* or till closed.
An answered button press will record for up-to 5 minutes*
An unanswered motion sensor initiated call will record for approximately 1 minute"

This quoted documentation is directly from

On Demand and the answered button press only record for 90 seconds max with our Skybell HD.

90 seconds of On Demand recording has left us with little to no evidence for the police to review when night prowlers are in our front yard.

IF storage space happens to be a Skybell concern, then configuring to use the user’s phone memory should be made an option.
This unresolved support ticked marked as Solved is problematic.

However this feature that does not exist, as seems to be advertised in documentation, goes beyond disappointment.

Is anyone seeing a recording length of 5 minutes on the Skybell HD?

(Huy H) #238

The delivery guy is is always less than 1 min in and out. I never had a conversation for more than 2 minutes? What are you doing that you need 5 minutes? Working out?

(Jim Cool) #239

Prowlers in our yard in the middle of the night. The feed can last up to 5 minutes. But when the police arrive to view the video for details and evidence only 90 seconds had been recorded. Important details lost.

Suspicious unfamiliar vehical parking across the street at 3 am…truck stolen minutes later.

Solicitors at the door who doesn’t have a required solicitors permit gives more detail to who they working for and what exactly they are peddling. But some of that info was only devulged after the 90 seconds recording had ended. Permit require by city to pre-vet solicitors to prevent scammers and such. Not enough evidence for police to identify suspect.

Conversations with solicitors are often more than 90 seconds.

Also house break-in in the nearby neighborhood. Several vehical break-ins as well.

(Justin Stroud) #241

But this isn’t a security camera…why are you expecting it to operate as a security cam?

Re-reading this, I want to say I’m not intending this to be rude, just seems unfair to expect a doorbell to operate as a surveillance device.

(Jim Cool) #242

Hi Justin,

Glad you asked that question. :smile:

Consumers, including myself, expect it to operate as advertised by Skybell.

Skybell set the customer expectations;

They advertised the recording times (a link to that was previously provided).

They make references to home security in their various literature:

“Home Security Made Easy!”

“Home Security Disguised As a Doorbell”

Selling products that doesn’t meet Skybell’s own advertised expectations seems problematic, to put it politely. :disappointed:


(Jim Cool) #243

Sadly also problematic, that after contacting Skybell many many months ago, (and again recently) they have neither changed their advertised literature referencing recording times nor increased the recording times to match their advertised literature. :pensive: