SmartThings SkyBell HD Integration Released

(Realy Living Dream) #203

I can confirm that after removing SB device, removing SB connect app. Then reinstalling both I’m not getting anything other than a pic every 5 minutes. Not even a live pic, just the same pic every time.
I actually went outside to check because ST showed a package on the porch that was delivered & brought in the house 2 days ago.

(Eric Anderson) #204

Button press works, motion works, picture every 5 minutes.

(Joe Casola) #205

Also confirming that both button press and motion are working and successfully turn on my porch light.

(Realy Living Dream) #206

Picture every 5minutes is a complete waste. Especially when no picture on motion or button press.

(Collisionc) #207

Yeah, button press hooked up to a webcore piston is fairly responsive considering it’s a cloud to cloud integration. About 1~ second delay from the doorbell being pressed to the piston firing.


Why oh why is this putting a picture in my SmartThings Activity notifications every 5 min?

(Realy Living Dream) #209

Yet no picture of motion or button press Alerts. Makes perfect sense to me.


@sam_skybell Can anything be done about, or is something in the works for, the pic every 5 min issue?

(Eric Anderson) #211

The picture is uploaded to amazon servers. It is obviously programmed to do so, but don’t mater to me.

(Mehrdad) #212

Finally the Skybell Trim Plus works with ST. The button and the motion seems to be working for me! This is awesome!

I have it programmed so that when the button on the doorbell is pushed, it turns on some lights in the house. Do you guys know of a way to turn the lights off after say a minute? I just need it to be a notification in case my wife or I don’t hear the doorbell chime go off.

(Glen King) #213

There are many ways to accomplish this.
I would favor webcore, because the first thing I would want to do is capture the existing state of the lights in question… and after that minute, return those lights to whatever state that was.

Imagine this. You are in the shower at 5am on a winter morning, and someone rings your doorbell. After a minute, the shower light - that you had programmed to turn on with the doorbell - turns off… leaving you in the dark under the shower.

But what I would actually do this: instead of turning a light on and then turning it off after a minute, I would simply toggle those lights a number of times. Do it an even number of times, and the lights return to their original state. The flashing lights are more likely to alert you than a light simply turning on.

(Mehrdad) #214

This is awesome! Thank you so much for your input. I definitely agree that a toggle would be exactly what I’m looking for. That being said are there any useful guides on how to use Webcore and implement a solution like that? I will of course do some research myself but if you (or anyone) knows of a go-to document/guide, I’d really appreciate it!

Thanks again!

(Mehrdad) #215

So I got WebCore installed and I’m creating my first piston! :slight_smile:

One quick question is how would I capture the state of the lights? I can see the toggle action.

(Glen King) #216

If you toggle them an even number of times:
Wait 3
Wait 3
Wait 3

then they should arrive back at their previous state. Simple. In the above instance, the lights would each flash twice for 2 seconds, then would arrive back where they started.

More complex:
To capture the state of a light:

With room light bulb
Location: capture attributes to local store

Then read the attribute from there into a variable, and re-send that variable to the bulb at the end of your alert.

(Mehrdad) #217

Amazing! Thank you so much.

(gfbuyer) #218

I have tried to setup an automation triggered by the motion detection of the Skybell. It does not seem to be working for me. I am fairly new to ST so if someone could point to me how to verify that ST is picking up the motion alert from the Skybell I would appreciate it !

(Realy Living Dream) #219

Did you install the Skybell app in ST app?
Do you have motion turned on in the actual Skybell app?
After that it’s just like any other SmartLighting automation. If motion and choose the Skybell as the sensor

(gfbuyer) #220

Yes I have it integrated in. Motion is turned on in Skybell itself and I get push notifications from Skybell for motion. If I check the skybell thing it correctly displays and shows the recent snapshots. When I include it in an automation, I do not see that automation work.

(Brian Harding) #221

I just installed mine yesterday and it is working great.

  1. If you look in Things in Smartthings do you see the doorbell? I think the default name they give it is Front Door.

  2. Did you go into the Marketplace under Doorbells > Skybell > Connect Now.

  3. Make a Custom Rule for one of your sensors and see if you are notified when the Skybell detects motion.
    In the Custom Rule, select Motion Sensor > Front Door, (Skybell’s name), > Then set up a Push Notification.
    Save the Rule.


(gfbuyer) #222

I have done what you suggested. I already had it in Smartthings. Went into Marketplace and re-did the Connect Now. Set up a SHM Custom Rule on Motion to send a Push Notification. Went out and triggered it. I get the SkyBell Push Notification but nothing from Smartthings. When I go into Things I see the Front Door. I can capture an image, etc. The thing missing is that Motion alerts do not seem to register with Smartthings.