SmartThings + SenEye (Aquarium Monitoring)

My intial interest is to get the SENEYE stats showing in SmartThings and to be able to notify me through the ST notifications or to trigger a light to change if there is an issue or sonos to announce it . . .

Seneye is a great and affordable little system for aquarium keepers that isnt expensive like others or as complicated as others - pretty much plug and play . . .

Im not so much interested in the automation aspect of feeders or aquarium automation as i agree with the above comments . . . If someone choose to do a smartapp later that did that, then good on them, its there own choice, id probably choose not to use that… But the great thing about this is you can use and not use the features you trust or desire…

We all want the same goal, for one app to show / monitor / control our homes . . . This is just a great way to add another feature and eliminate the need for yet another app, been able to monitor these things at a quick glance on smarttiles or ST app is a very very useful tool . . . Its also another step in the right direction for ST as it could potentially open more doors down the line for siniliar stuff

As someone said above, non of the things we all do is ESSENTIAL its all choices, we coulddddd turn a switch on with a physical switch but we choose to use an app or remote or scenes in harmony etc . . .

Why wouldnt we want to be able to view the stats of everything in our house in one place, for this is everyones longterm goal.


Sure, reporting status together is a worthy goal. :smile:

BTW, the main reason Seneye is so much cheaper than Neptune or the other systems mentioned is that Seneye is strictly passive monitoring. It doesn’t even set lighting. The others have devices that actually do things to modify the tank environment, from lighting to chemical release. Hence the higher cost.

Since it’s come up a couple of times, also just a reminder that some of us can’t physically do light switches. Just sayin’…


@JDRoberts - fair points pal, im not at all disagreeing with your points, infact i defo agree. However i cant afford $3000 monitoring systems but i know many can afford $300 ones and i know it could open up this field to other people developing the bigger stuff later if this works well…

A few people above i think are missing the point with my post here and the point is if we dont work on these things earlier then they will never develop to a point that they are useful and will also never be stable, its much easier to start with smaller systems with easier APIs, that more people can afford than high end equiptment that will only benefit the well off users…

I just want to encourage and assist in devlopment of the ST system and help make new interesting integrations . . . We can integrate with 5000 different switches and sensors but its not a step forward in the bigger picture, hitting new markets and systems and product fields will open more doors in my eyes, would you agree ? :slight_smile:

Its just another useful ST monitoring / notification integration that eliminates the need for several apps and centralises everything, if people plan to develop on that later and add automation within the aquarium then thats there choice and we can only respect there choice to do so and support where we can and advise and hope they stabalise it in a way its useful to more people (wether thats in 1 year or 10) however that will never happen if we dont make the baby steps now . . .

@Kristopher - ill speak to seneye and see if we could aquire a unit for devlopment and go from there, id love too see this come forward and see the posabilities we can achieve and if we can help a load of people on the way then fantasticcccc :slight_smile:

Thank you all for input, its all most appreciated.


Fantastic point on the switches etc - making these advancements is groundbreakig for disabled users or people with restricted movement . . . And we can only hope for more.


In an established tank, why do you care about ph or ammonia? If the tank has cycled, ammonia/nitites shouldn’t be a problem, though I’d love to be able to measure nitrates. ph certainly may have values that are harmful for your fish, but I’m not aware of something that would cause that to spontaneously change. Though my tanks are freshwater and not planted, so my needs may be more modest (and I could well be under-worrying about these things out of ignorance).

I’m not trying to say these aren’t valid things to measure, just that I don’t know why you’d do it, except in a brand new tank, for which it would be harder to justify an investment in automation.

I agree with what others have said about mission-critical systems and smartsense, but my experience is that the occasional delays in processing events are in the tens of minutes range, which is probably fine if you’re monitoring for values that represent a growing problem, not imminent fish death. I thought that there’s a hub 2.0 coming that may remove the cloud from the picture, which may or may not address the intermittent processing delays.

@mstave id agree with you that this may not be a need for you if your aquarium is very low maintenance . . . but in heavily planted fresh water and most certainly in salt water aquariums, changes can happen over night than can be catastrophic as i realized last year when i lost eight jellyfish in an afternoon . . . :frowning:

Ive had a response from Seneye @Kristopher so should hopefully be able to sort something asap. i received your email and shall be in touch as soon as i have news.


Wonderful :slight_smile: Thank you!

I’m a great believer in IDIC when it comes to home automation. “My use case is not your use case.”

Where there’s data to be gathered, many people will find the information trivial or useless–other people will find the same information highly valuable.

Ammonia monitoring is a good example. If you have to treat with antibiotics, ammonia can get totally out of whack. Or of course if you’ve added anything new, you need to rebalance. If you breed, there’s a lot of flux. Or maybe it’s just peace of mind you’re willing to pay for. Just different needs at different times.

Actuators are another example. If you’re home at the same time every day and are physically capable of managing everything, you probably don’t have any reason to look into automated feeders or chemical dispensers. But you can have an erratic schedule, or be quadriplegic, and still enjoy having a well maintained aquarium and consider automated dispensers well worth the cost.

It’s all just a matter of balancing time and money budgets based on personal priorities. And it’s always good to have choices. :blush:

As for the reliability issue…it may not be a big deal if you’re just monitoring. If you’re using dispensers, though, or automatically adjusting anything including heaters and pumps, it’s a different situation. So again different people have different requirements.


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Ouch!!! That breaks my heart. This is exactly what happened to me once… (except it was just 1. RIP Bloopy).

I’m today mailing out my spare SmartThings hub to Seneye for them to make the required changes on their side of the field for us (myself and @Kristopher) to start work on the SmartApp side of things

i feel the unit been pushed back into the development community is more use than sat on my shelf waiting for a use in my office at the moment (all made possible thanks to @mager / @April / SmartThings) from the comp win :slight_smile:

once everything is completed on there end they are willing to push out some seneye units of there own for us to use in development of this integration and hopefully get the ball rolling to a clean and complete aquarium monitoring integration for smartthings :slight_smile:


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Any updates on this? This would be great for my Koi pond. Not for mission critical things, but for temp etc for info.

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I ended up selling my jellyfish aquaroum or id of made more progress on this - i bet the api for seneye has come on loads since the start of this thread

I can take a look at this- however i don’t have a seneye at the moment. Hopefully i’ll get the seneye reef and web server module over the next couple of months. Once I do, creating a device type / smart app will be pretty straight forward.

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Just been looking at Reef stuff again as interested in getting a jellyfish aquarium again and hopefully not killing them all this time :frowning: . . . . anyways when on SENEYE’S website, i noticed that they have come on a longggggggg way since this post was first started and now pack tons of API info :slight_smile:

for anyone interested:

Just stumbled into this thread , on the seneye forum i was suggesting seneye to jump into IFTTT etc . I see a lot of value add SmartThings can bring to a product like Seneye . This is not about dosing or playing around with live stock . That needs precision . For those who start a hobby and do not want to break their bank account, some rudimentary first aid or action is quite possible.
Value Add , Seneye can only send you an email/sms alert , what happens if you are asleep

There enough horrer stories on heaters malfunctioning and refusing to turn off , look up cobalt neo therm 200 w , the specific model was a disaster

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Ive been scouring the community and dont see a closure on this thread. Has there been any significant updates/advances?


I’m working on a device handler at the moment, still very early days but I’ll keep you posted if your still interested


Hi Mike, We are still interested, Have you finished the device handler?