SmartThings scheduling fix announcement

I noticed my scheduling issues have disappeared since yesterday. However I can’t find the SmartThings announcement.

Did I miss it or was this a silent fix?

Are others still having issues?

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It’s not the permanent solution. I read somewhere that some “fixes” were implemented. And more updates to come today.

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It’s markedly better, but I’m still seeing failures. There was a hotfix deployed, but we’re not on the new scheduler yet.

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Does anyone know where they posted the announcement or information about the hot fix, or other solutions? I missed it…

Let’s just hope they fix the upgrade problem with Sonos, hue,and other devices we been having.

Maybe this is why my system went haywire this morning? Alarm disarmed like it should automatically, then it started turning all the lights on, twice, withing about 3 minutes, the only thing I have that does that is if the alarm is triggered. Checked the app and it says it was in home mode multiple times and disarmed the alarm multiple times, nothing about arming or going into another mode. Was kinda weird.

There wasn’t an official announcement, because the hot fix is not the permanent solution. When that will happen, I am sure they’ll be posting it under the “announcements” category:

According to @Tyler, that will hapen today:

No control of all devices for me this morning and back to normal after a power cycle on my hub v2. Thought it was a hiccup with my hub until I look at the logs. It happened 7 hours ago.