SmartThings/Samsung Account Migration Beta


Ug, I missed this and now they are not signing up for more beta migration.

(Robin) #124

From what I here the Beta was a failure and left users with a bunch of bugs to fix… I don’t think you missed out.


consider yourself lucky

(Mark) #126

Totally agree, I didn’t sign up for it either and based on discussion here I’m kinda glad I didn’t.

@winter what are you missing out on by not being a part of this beta?


Just connecting with other samsung products like TV and such. It’s not a big deal, just was suprising to me that this problem exists.


The migration didnt fix samsung TV integration, although some users have gotten some functionality back with the samsung connect app which does require a samsung account.

(Jimmy) #129

got migrated. Still can’t connect to Samsung vacuum. I think the migration actually made it worse since there are others that can get the same model connected.


Round one was 3 months ago.

They have a lot of kinks to work out. I suspect they will be doing another round of betas based on the initial issues that were encountered, so read the announcements daily and if they do another round, you can sign up then.


Is another active round of testing going on for this?

Out of the blue today I have received quite a few emails for new people reporting that they don’t get the banner page for migration in the bug reports. That’s been quiet for 2 months now.

(Matt Behnken) #132

I got the Invite email like 6 hours ago, one of those no banners was mine :grin:


So I’m guessing this is round 2 for another set of people. We’re you signed up for the original and just never received the banner. I didn’t see anything announced out here in the community, that’s why I was surprised that after 2 months, a splurge of emails have been sent from Centercode.


I got an email two days ago stating they would be starting beta on 1/11/18. I clicked to op-out. Then today I got another email saying my hub would updating today.


I would have thought a new Beta within Centercode would have been created for Round 2 or an announcement out here. Maybe I just missed it. With improvements I’m sure that have been made since round 1, a clean slate with no bug codes already documented would be good. I will log on later to turn off notifications just for that beta project.

(Matt Behnken) #136

I tried to sign up but didn’t get selected originally. I am in the hub firmware betas though.

(Jimmy) #137

is anyone else no longer getting hub offline messages? Trying to figure out if its because of this beta or from enabling contact book.

(Jason) #138

It’s because of the contact book/feature. Once you enable that you loose offline notifications. Contacts are supported anymore so I don’t think we’ll get help from SmartThings with this.


How can I tell if I was successfully migrated? I was approved, got the email to proceed with it, this morning I saw a notification to resign in, and now I see I have two locations in my app. One is correct and the other is from devices I had connected in Samsung Connect, but my firmware is still 19.00020. I feel like I missing something.

Sidenote my Alexa is no longer able to control any of my devices even though I resigned in on there as well.


(jkp) #140

Did you sign in on the Alexa app? Or the Alexa app located in Automation?


The automation one for Samsung connect. On there it shows my “2” locations but only loads my few devices I had connected to Samsung connect, not all of my smartthings devices. No matter which location I choose.


We ALL had to disable the SmartThings skill in Alexa and reconnect and select the correct location (not the 2nd phantom location) in the first (original) round of the Account Migration Beta. All of the issues I have seen so far are exactly the same for you all in this 2nd round of Beta testing so you need to read all of the Bug reports out in Centercode as they will apply to you as well. Some things may be fixed in this round, but from emails I have seen, there are several things that are still broken (phantom Home location, GitHub needs to be re enabled, and Alexa broken).

Also make sure when you open ST mobile app that you are looking at your previous location as it might default to the new Home location when you open and you will see nothing in ST. So you will need to select the correct location from the Dashboard drop-down menu.