SmartThings/Samsung Account Migration Beta

(jkp) #41

I believe you can change it yourself when you log in to centercode. If you go to the left-hand menu there are two options under Personal Profiles: Account Settings (which is your centercode account) and My Profile: then Member Profile (which is the info for the ST project)

(Borristhecat) #42

Doesn’t give me any options only this page.

Maybe I can’t change it unless they except me

(Tim Slagle) #43

Go to you can’t access the project but you can access the community.

(Borristhecat) #44

link doesn’t work :frowning:

(jkp) #45

@slagle spelled center incorrectly in his link above.

(Borristhecat) #46

Well spotted!

(Chad Cole) #47

LOL My thoughts exactly as this Samsung/SmartThings adventure for me has been an expensive dud so far


Wrong thread

(EinarS) #49

Signed up, hope the whole family dont need to do this at once?


Might want to hold off on this beta.

(Gareth) #51

Has anyone else noticed that your Github repositories are lost within the IDE after migrating to the Samsung Account login details? Does anyone know if there is a solution to get back the repos so I can update my DHs and SAs?


Make a bug report on the migration beta page.

(Joel W) #53

There are a number of reports of this on the Beta Site. Go there and you can add yours to the list.

Gear Watch Smartthings App - Development Thread

@slagle Are missing github repos going to return at any point or should I start the slow painful process of finding and adding each one back?

Also any word from the mobile team on a fix for mobile presence?


@slagle - I’m thinking that everyone would like some sort of feedback to all of the issues, findings and resolutions to all the bugs reported. It’s been several days since we have heard anything. The top two issues are the GitHub and 2nd Location added. I actually created a Suggestion (in Centercode) for you with a consolidated summary of all the issues reported. I’m sure you have a ton on your plate, but I think a lot of folks are anticipating some sort of feedback from you.

For the GitHub issue, I specifically have not pressed the Enable GitHub button that has reappeared for everyone who performed the migration.

Additionally, there were several of us (coincidental to migration beta) on Android that upgraded ST app to 2.8.1 which in turn caused Mobile presence to stop reporting period for us. Several days elapsed and I was one of the users who has never had an issue with Mobile presence and GPS. The resolution for me because I got impatient waiting, was to delete my phone from IDE and add it back into everything which brought my Mobile presence working again.



Or how about when will there be any more information on the bug report page?


I had to add my phone back as a presence sensor, and replace automations with the correct device. Been fine since.


Just wanted to add that the “other” users location is still working as usual. Wasn’t sure until very recently.


Looks like they haven’t replied to the beta page in 6 days.

(Joel W) #60

Since the banner appeared on my IOS App my app has been unstable. If I tried to migrate my app crashes. If I try to add a device from the + at the top the app crashes. I asked Tim in a message to please remove the banner from my IOS app so I can get things done, and nothing has been done to remove this banner. I hope they do something soon as ST app is useless to me. Also no response from support to the logs and bug report I sent.