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SmartThings/Samsung Account Migration Beta

(Robin) #272


US / EU profiles have always had a different selection of supported devices in the Classic app… but can connect to any device on the correct frequency if you run a general inclusion (but default DTH might be inadequate).

The new app isn’t ready for existing users yet, it’s just for new accounts… the rest of us will be migrated at some point after this BETA completes.

ST have never officially supported countries outside US / EU, zwave frequencies don’t match across the globe and their support would therefore make them an accessory to a crime!


We tried answering all your questions. It’s not us that don’t understand. It’s the way you write your questions that you get the answers that we give you that aren’t what you are looking for.

We tried to assist you once again. Every single person tried to assist.

Sorry, they aren’t discriminating against you.

I’m done.

(Robin) #275

My point exactly… ST won’t support a US hub outside the US…

What country are you in?

(Robin) #277

Correct… the US zwave frequency is most likely different to the frequency in your country, and may be interfering with local infrastructure such as ambulance radios / mobile phones / smart meters etc.

What country are you in?

(Robin) #279

I’ve asked twice what country you are in and got ignored!

I highly doubt the US frequency is unused in your country… frequency spectrums are in high demand and crazy expensive!

Frequencies may appear very close but they are still very very different.

I give up too… go jump!

(Mark) #280

Please just drop it!

There are rules and regulations that need to be adhered to and irrespective of how close frequencies may or may no be ST will not support their hardware in a region/country where those particular frequencies are not licensed for use in that particular field.

Anyway irrespective of all this, you have just mentioned this the last few posts, everyone has answered your questions, just wait and see what happens when ST do their thing with the accounts. However based on what i have just read, if it were down to me I know what I would do with your account :rofl:


FYI - In Turkey - Did a quick search

(Robin) #283

That wasn’t my quote lol :joy:

(Mark) #284

LOL you tattletale Robin!

Was only light-hearted anyway of course.

I am done with this, no one has challenged this guy, all I can read is comments advising him to wait for ST to complete the process and start migrating, he just seems to have a bee in his bonnet and is complaining about things that have not even happened yet and for some reason does not seem to get the fact that ST cannot and will not knowingly support their product if it is infringing on local frequency licencing etc. (this does not mean it will not work thogh of course as many of us know). Not sure where all this info about ST stopping services is coming from anyway, oh yeah, from the fact that logging in to to the new app gives different options, the app and services which have not been completed, where people have been told not to try things and where accounts have not been migrated lol. Still do not get the point of it all though, ‘friends registering product…’ well yeah with a US account for example which is something he does not want to do and the whole point of his anguish right! Not to mention that this is not the thread to discuss this all anyway lol

Anyway, that’s the last from me, try to help and give a little advice and get ‘stoned’ in return :wink:

(Aesgarth) #287


Then you’re asking in the wrong thread…

As has been said several time’s you’d get on far better contacting support directly and explaining your problem to them…

(Mark) #288


How exactly did I threaten you? I would be very careful with accusations on here, they are NOT welcome!

My replies may have been a little blunt at times but that was because you were simply not listening to others giving you the same information but they were in no way threatening!

(Mark) #289

Hey Tim, could you please or have someone else remove all these nonsense posts including my own!
This guy will simply not listen to any advice being given and some of us have fallen into the ‘reply’ trap lol. The final straw for me is being accused of being threatening which I have not been.
Your call of course but I feel all these posts (well apart from the answers lol :rofl:) add zero value to the thread.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Ryan) #290

IIf I was a smarter bear. I would design a hub with z-wave, WiFi, and zigbee radios to start (probably LoRa or something from Nordic too) it would not need the cloud to to work for most automation, or if the cloud isn’t available it would still perform all the timer based stuff independently with graceful fail-over (built in RTC). Periodic feedback from devices to make sure they are on or off or set as commanded so the outside lights aren’t burning all day for no reason. It would incorporate a IFTTT style way of programming conditional chains of commands, have a dumb mode for people that want it simple and an advanced mode for people who like to write their own or use third party handlers, be able to group things like three way switches without crazy work arounds, a deep mode for getting down into zwave device parameters, be independent of giant corporations that build everything from refrigerators to smartphones and do none of them well and also want to ruin my hub by tying in their other products and trying to get people to buy their stuff by forcing a certain ecosystem down people’s throats - have a shield for the DIY crowd that won’t have the rug jerked out from under them on a corporate whim - or at least something to seamlessly replace it if it isn’t cost effective. A rewards system for independent devs who pour their heart and soul into something that makes my products better, an IDE that uses an actual programming language instead of inventing yet another bastardized version of something so people who know something like python or C++ don’t have to learn yet another niche language for one GD thing etc etc - and for the love of god I would not release alpha software and tell people to download it when I know it isn’t ready…

(Aesgarth) #291

I wish i could like that ^^^ more than once.

(Mark) #292

I’m so bummed I haven’t read through this thread for a couple days.

It sounds like all the posts that have since been deleted would have been pretty amusing.

(Sam) #293

Hi. I have an existing Samsung account (2 months ago), and when I use those credentials to log into the beta migration I receive an error “incorrect username or password.” But these same credentials work fine on my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone and on I’ve carefully checked the credentials are correct.

I’ve created this Samsung account through the setup process of the Galaxy phone. What is the solution to my problem? Thanks.

(Matt Behnken) #294

Community MasterOct '17
The beta site is neither Smartthings or Samsung. You’ll need to create a new Centercode login to get into the beta site.

Joel W
Community JourneymanOct '17
The beta site is neither Smartthings or Samsung. You’ll need to create a new Centercode login to get into the beta site.
I just made it simpler, by using the same login.

(Brad) #295

I did the Account migration a while back but stayed with the Classic app. I just tried to log into the IDE to make a change, I am not able to log in using my old account, but when i log into it with my new Samsung account there is nothing, no devices, no hub, Nothing. I don’t want to log out of the app on my phone because i am worried i will not be able to log back in or that nothing will be there. Has anyone had this issue? I did a search but did not really find anything.

(jkp) #296

check to see if you have two locations in IDE at under My Locations

(Brad) #297

Only one location, with nothing.