Smartthings Running on Wink Relay

Just a sneak peak of something I’ve been working on…

I was surprised in the lack of response to @Mark_Wilson’s post indicating that he had put together some code for interfacing with the Wink Relay as it looks like he has done for Vera what a lot of people are interested in for SmartThings. I reached out to him and was inspired to put together a custom application to interface the Wink Relay with SmartThings.

I have the basic components of the application working with the ability to manually read sensor values, the ability to respond to the buttons being pressed, and the ability to control the light loads.

The next step is to clean up the code and make it interface with SmartThings which should be the easy part. Like others, I’ve found the Temperature and Humidity sensors to be fairly inaccurate and I’ve also found the Proximity sensor to be quite inaccurate. At the very least, I look forward to being able control the light loads directly from SmartThings and see the status of the lights in SmartThings.


That sounds promising. If you can directly interface w ST, we will no
longer need stringify. Are you willing to put your code up on github so we
can play around w/ it?

Once I get it all linked up, I’ll publish the working code. I’m looking at changing the approach as I currently have to poll the sensor values periodically (eg. every X seconds). This works fine for temperature/humidity, but wouldn’t work well for the motion/proximity sensor.

The buttons are currently implemented based on interrupts, so there’s a bit of C code behind the scenes which opens the GPIO pin and when the interrupt is triggered, it triggers the Java callback immediately.

If the motion/proximity sensor is important as a trigger, then I’ll need to look at an alternative method for polling the presence sensor and doing a calculation to determine the delta between the previous to value to determine if motion is detected.

The motion/proximity sensor actually responds with 4 values as you can see from the picture above… I haven’t quite figured out what unit of measure these are supposed to be. The first and third value tend to jump up close to 50-60k when I place my hand near the motion/proximity sensor above the screen. The second value seems to stay around 250-300 and the last value stays zero.

I have a second unit that I need to get setup to check if it’s returning similar values. It’s possible my motion/proximity sensor isn’t working well as it never worked well when the motion/proximity option was turned on in the Wink software. When I’m standing in front of the screen, the first value only goes up to around 8000 (eg. a relatively small delta when compared to the 50-60k when something is right by the sensor), so it seems more like a proximity sensor on a phone that expects to be sensitive really near your face but otherwise not sensitive at long distances.


Here’s my attempt at integrating and it works great with all of my needs and expectations:

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Just a quick update on the custom SmartThings integration and Wink Relay app mentioned in my previous post…

I have the basic integration with SmartThings working where I can control each of the relays and get sensor status directly from the Wink Relay (over the LAN). I also implemented a SmartApp which provides automatic discovery of the Wink Relays on the network that are running my custom Android app and it lets you easily add the custom Wink Relay device pictured in the screenshot above.

I still need to go back and wire up the sensor event logic on the Wink Relay to push status to SmartThings when each attribute deviates enough, but I expect that should be relatively straightforward now that the other puzzle pieces are in place. Still lots of polish needed, but I’m getting closer to having all the core pieces in place where it could be shared in an alpha release.


I’ve posted an Alpha version of my custom release of the Wink Relay to SmartThings integration:

If you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try. I’m sure there will be bugs, be prepared for it!

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I have two wink relays both stuck in boot loops and I’m wondering if anyone has been able to recover from that state? One occurred when I tried to factory reset (claims signature cant be verified as others have mentioned). The other one just froze up and upon me resetting it also started looping (shows Wink relay splash screen and then restarts).

I have ordered a USB to serial cable so that I can get console access, but I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone successfully revive one yet. If anyone has any experience recovering from this situation, I’d be thankful for advice!

I wonder could a version of Android Go be installed on the Relay? That could help keep the footprint light enough for the hardware but enable new features.

The Wink Relay is currently running Android 4.3 (API 18) and Google Go was released alongside Android 8.1 (API 27). I haven’t seen any custom ROMs for the Wink Relay and with the hardware being a bit dated at this point, I’m focused on removing the stock Wink Relay apps and layering on a custom integration with SmartThings.


It looks like others have been able to pull the file, so maybe you can push their copy back.

I’ve though about this, but I’m not sure how to go about pushing the to the device. I won’t have any network connectivity to it from the recovery menu, just a serial connection. So I’d have to push the file over that somehow. I haven’t been able to find any details on how/if this can be done.

Hi, I followed the instructions from:

i rooted successfully and did everything correctly. I installed the modified wink app. It rebooted and everything looked ok. However, Smartthings is still logging out. Anything you can suggest?

Wink has updated the app, and a modified version is not available at this time.
My Wink Relay is running the Wink software integrated with IFTTT to tie the light buttons into my ST right now.

I did see a recent thread on here where someone went about this slightly differently. I’ll see if I can find it for you.

Thank you. So even though you installed your modified version before the update and then disabled Winkupdate, it still updated the app?

Hello, here is Josh’s approche to integrating the Wink Relay to ST, it works pretty well

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This will let you control the Wink relay from within ST app, right?
What about controlling ST from within the Wink relay. once you install the ST app in the relay, it will log you out every hour. You original workaround from Synthesis is not working for me. Any other options?

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Correct this lets you control the Wink Relay from ST. For my set up I’m using ActionTile to control ST from the Wink Relay

There is no other free option to be able to control St from the relay without being logged out anymore?

I have the SharpTools Android app installed on my Wink Relay to control SmartThings.

You could also use webCoRE to configure the button press events from the Wink Relay to trigger actions in SmartThings (via my STWinkRelay integration).

Or if you prefer a web interface, you could use the web interface at

Tile UI / Card UI
image image

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Hey, I made a step by step video of modding it for adding apps after a factory restore or out of the box. One can then KingRoot if they want to kill off the Wink relay part of it if needed for other use like ST. Otherwise it functions very well to toggle between either Google Now or Total Launcher, plus you retain the original buttons if you are going to use it with Wink. Check it out, hope it helps as I know a few people have asked for it?

Step by Step Wink Relay MOD Video