SmartThings Rest API using Tasker

@andre_petinga I didn’t forget about you.
Here is a link to the Project xml. You can download it and import it that way.


  • The base Tasks link on TaskerNet has been updated to include all current tasks available.

  • I have included a XML version of the base Tasks. If someone doesn’t want to sign up for the beta and or just wants to import the project the old way.

  • FIXED a bug in the Get Devices Offline Status.7

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My pleasure, I’m just glad I can help others.

I’m almost done with the battery status Task/Profile.


After I import your “Devices Offline Status” task what do I need to change other than changing %Bearer to my actual API Token?

Do I need to insert a Location ID or Account ID somewhere?

Thanks, but still getting error importing the profile. Could it be because of this:

<TaskerData sr="" dvi="1" tv="6.1.3-beta">

The first line of the xml states the Tasker version and it says “Beta”.
My Tasker version is 6.0.10

Hi Jake, I’ve been adding more devices to my SmartThings Hub and have started getting error message below which I don’t understand, everything still works and shows any offline devices, just wanted to check if I have mucked something up

As you add devices you need to re-run the Build DeviceDd. If that doesn’t fix it we will dive deeper into the problem.

Try editing the TV variable to match yours. If it works I’ll modify the xml and reupload it.

As far as adding anything extra you do not have to do that. If you want to have it check every hour, select the profile tab and toggle on the profile that is in there and it will run the task every hour.

You can edit the task to remove or disable the progress bar so that it doesn’t interrupt your usage of your device.

Thanks, I did re-run the build and have just run again and still the same, also the motion sensor I lastly added is showing offline, yet in SmartThings it’s online, I’ll try and re-add it again and see If that makes a difference

Nope. Still this:

Error: failed to import profile data

I tried “Import Profile” and “Import Project”. Both failed

Thanks, I will give it a try.

Hi Still the same, no panic as it still works

I know this is going to sound weird but do you have the app notifications turned off for Tasker? If so sometimes this can cause a problem with importing projects profiles and tasks.

@andre_petinga I think I found the problem. I had a progress bar action in some tasks. This is only available in the beta.

Try this and see if you can import it. Modded - SmartThings Rest API Xml

Can you run the “Get Device Health” task. Select your device that’s reading the wrong status. And see if it matches ST?

Jake I’m looking for a task that will turn on a USB LED light that is powered by a USB port on a TV. I need the task to check if the smartthings USB LED light is on then run a task (I’ve already created this part of the task for looping color changing) and then stop looping when the USB LED light is turned off by the TV. Any ideas?

I’m sure I can help. Btw it’s Jake like Jake from state farm. :laughing:

I will PM you, so we don’t fill up the thread.


Hi Jake, I am after a little help, I am trying to work out how to use your turn device on/off, when your Health device offline status finds any device offline - (So Health device offline status - finds any devices offline - then using your device turns on or off to turn a device on or off), thanks

Typically if a device is offline it will not respond to on/off commands.

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