Smartthings reporting "Brightness" vs "Power Level" to Alexa?

Before I migrated to the new Smartthings and new Alexa skill, I had an Alexa routine that would dim my Homeseer dimmers down to 20% over the course of an hour at a certain time of day using the “ramp brightness” function in the Alexa routine.

Since the transition to the new app and skill, my Homeseer switches no longer have the “ramp brightness” function available, while other devices such as Sengled lightbulbs do. I noticed that while my Sengled bulbs show “Brightness” in the Alexa app, my Homeseer dimmers are now showing “Power Level” so I have to imagine that’s the base of the problem.

Does anyone know how I can fix this and get my Homeseer switches to report their power level to the Alexa app as "Brightness’? Is this an Alexa issue, a device handler issue, something else?

Which DTH are you using?

I’m afraid I’m a pretty layman user, so just the default that set up automatically when I added the dimmers to Smartthings. If there’s somewhere I can go to find the info and let you know more specifically please let me know.