SmartThings Recognizes I'm Home but Unlocks August Lock When it Feels Like It

Can anyone tell me why if GPS shows I’ve arrived then why is it so difficult for Smarthings to unlock an August lock gen4 consistently and in advance like it should. I can open through smarthings immediately in the device menu . Where is the disconnect? August is a wifi lock linked to smarthings. August has a similar program “auto unlock” and it works when it wants to using wifi to bluetooth. It doesn’t seem to be that hi -tech to know I’m here- unlock the door. I increased GPS radius to give it more time to open before I arrive but sometimes flags when it does work a half hour later that it just unlocked the door. Where is the confusion?

Because it’s buggy. If you search the least bit in the forums you will find many posts from people having issues with geolocation in SmartThings.

I have an August lock with wifi and it works for me → unlocks when I arrive home. Can you post a screenshot of the Routine (black out any personal info)? Do you have other devices in that Routine and do they work as expected?

and you spoke of GPS… what about the ST app. You may want to create a virtual presence sensor so you can easily see the current state of your presence. I guess I am confused… your title says ST recognizes you are home but in the post you mentioned GPS.

what model phone do you have?

It generally responds to unlocking 20minutes later or more after arrival. I have a Samsung S21+ but this has happened with prior Samsung phones. I am not really sure about what is the protocol for location, yet I see my phone on the road With “Samsung find” and not really sure how its tracking . The routine is pretty cut and dried and smarthings notification recognizes I have arrived yet there is this delay. I used the standalone auto unlock that August provides and that works intermittently as well ( I believe that works switching from wifi to bluetooth). This is why I tried the Samsung routine.