SmartThings recognize lights as lights?

Hi! Of all the lights and bulbs we have at the house, only one is recognized as a Light. I just noticed this today,as the new Samsung UI 3.1 can control lights with the phone’s alarm, and it only shows this one light as an option.
When I look at ST, it looks like this:

Any idea how to make the others be “lights” (like the bulb on the left)?

Brand and model of the lights? Also, what DTH are you using? Smartthings normally classifies devices based on the capabilities in the DTH.

The one that works well is Yee light. The ones that don’t are light strips by Govee and Magic Home Pro and GE smart bulbs.

ST knows, at some level, that they are lights: i can change the color within the ST app, for example. They are just not classified as lights.

Actually it is an interesting point, we have many LED lights, some led strips powered by smart plugs, some run from C2C integration, ST does not see these as a lighting option when setting up a Companion app

Amazon Alexa allows 2 options for a smart plug, as a plug or as a light

It is a reasonable request for smart plugs to have the same option so that attached Lighting to a smart plug can be selected

Maybe if smart plugs with lighting attached were user grouped the companion apps could check the grouping and allow individual smart plug selection, this would then allow a DTH that is not a lighting DTH to be used

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If you are using a custom DTH I’ve had success turning it into a light by either adding a light capability to the code, or specifying an OFC device type, like this

metadata {
	definition (name: "GE 46203 Dimmer Switch", namespace: "mwav3", author: "Tim Grimley", ocfDeviceType: "oic.d.light")

capability "Light"

Or even more advanced would require a custom capability/presentation.

However, if using a stock DTH, or the device appears from a direct integration (ie a Kasa outlet from Kasa integration), I’m not aware of any way to change it to a light. It’s a pretty big limitation of this new app how difficult it is for users, or even developers for that matter, to change the look of devices in the app.


Would it not be simple for ST to allow items to get added to a lighting group and gain sudo lighting status, the result being companion apps check individual devices in lighting groups and see them as relevant lights as well as the current limited existing method

Kind of simple and a relatively elegant solution

Two issues discussed in this post here Broken Features [Feb 2021] . You easily could change the way a device displays in the classic app.

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Alternatively, Samsung UI 3.1 should allow any device to turn on at the phone’s alarms, not just lights.

On another note: It appears (or at least this is my case) that new devices don’t show up in the ST integration for alarm. I did two things: a) I added the capability to the device handler for my Govee string lights as @mwav3 Tim suggests above (Thank you!). They now show as bulbs in ST. b) I added a new simulated bulb.
Both these now show as bulbs, they also show up in the Quick panel → devices.
However, neither shows up in Clock → alarm → “wake up with smart devices”. Is there a way to force them to discover the new bulbs?