Smartthings presentation

I’m looking for a recent presentation of Smartthings. I’m going to present Smartthings to friends. Power Point are preferred, but other platform are also OK. Do someone have something ?
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I’m sorry, I don’t know of anything. :thinking:

I do like the following official representation of the new architecture:

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Hi, @dotan_shai!

What’s the purpose of the presentation, the general usage of the platform as normal users or as developers?

There are some pages where you can find more info about the platform (from the user perspective) using pictures, videos, etc.:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Samsung SmartThings

For developers, there are different pages and articles:

  1. SmartThings Developers
  2. Blog | Samsung Developers

Can you recommend something for good friends that doesn’t familiar at all with smart homes and never heard about Smartthings.
Some slides to drive into that world.