SmartThings Platform Status

Is this page controlled by the technical team or the marketing team?


@slagle, this is a tongue in cheek question, but with a good intent. The status page should at least state that some users are experiencing intermittent timer failures. Even a casual observer of the community would observe that the volume of time issues reported here mean that it’s not just a few people experiencing it (ironically I’m not having issues after I reset my apps, but I can commiserate with those who are).

Edit: Shortly after I wrote this post I discovered issues. My timed mode changes are working, but some apps using timed schedules are not. No time to deeply diagnose yet, but going to go carefully and capture good data.


I did multiple resets, uninstalled and re-intalled my apps, restarted the hub, changed the time on scheduled events and changed back… But I still have issues with my scheduler… I think the status page only reflects any upgrades or maintenance items :smile:


I bet at any given moment, there’re some users who experience intermittent failures. What’s the point of the status page? Just put a disclaimer in the user manual in big bold letters:

You may experience intermittent failures at any time while using SmartThings.

Problem solved. :slight_smile:


Well… it certain is relative. We’ve been told they use known issues as well as Support Call volume to decide upon a Status change. But we don’t know the threshold (or if they are extra hesitant in order to be, say, a little “less-than-transparent”).

Please do. I love data!

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Check the pollster thread. Died across the board this am.