SmartThings Platform Issues - 07-29-2020

I recently moved from Wink to SmartThings and it has been great…until today.

I see there were a ton of issues reported yesterday, but my devices actually worked fine yesterday. I woke up this morning to the android app showing “Checking status…” on every single device including the Hub.

I have tried power cycling the hub, clearing the app cache, and restarting my phone. I am also unable to use voice commands through the Google Home integration.

Are others experiencing the same issues today? I have made no changes recently, no new devices added or anything modified.


do open a support ticket with ST support :slight_smile:

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I did that first. and then posted this. and then my entire system just came back online a second ago

Also all my devices are showing as offline, had smartthings for a few months now and it was down for about 2 hours 2 days ago, was fine last night and down again tonight, In the UK.

Have ordered a hubtat elevation smart hub as this unplanned downtime is really poor.

its come back up and can see everything again, was down for about 10 maybe 15 minutes or so just there but literally came back up as I made above post, there was no changes made.

Checking my Firewalla box shows it might have been related to the a firmware update.