Smartthings own brand contact sensors no longer working after update

Hi, after the update none of my smartthings contact sensors read open or close events. I’ve rest the sensors, rebooted the hub and rebuilt the z wave network but nothing has solved the issues.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any advice on what to do next!?



It could be out of range, try moving it closer to the hub and see if it starts working or not.

Have you added any wireless devices recently? They can interfere with the signal.

Also try rebooting any repeating devices (plugs etc) as they can stop repeating signals the hub is sending out.


Hi, thanks for the suggestions. Nothing new added here, and the devices were in the same place they’ve been for months. I have mo ed them closer, reset them, deleted and readied them. Support seem to think that the batteries could be running low, but last report was at 77%, so I’m not sure that’s the issue. I’ve ordered replacement batteries but they won’t arrive until Monday.

Does the support theory sound plausible, we’re talking about 4 devices all running out at exactly the same time.

It may have something to do with the recent partial hub v2 update recently. It was postponed due to some issues but a small percentage of hubs got updated.

It could be battery; SmartThings is notoriously for bad battery reporting - Class anything at 66% as dead.

However as you say, if lots happened at the exact same time it might not be.

Support can do a lot more digging but there are a few threads on forums with suggestions on diagnosing issues with sensors not reporting - just do a quick search.


Just a note. ST devices are zigbee so doing a z-wave repair is not going to help. You need to remove the hub power and battery for about 20 mins for zigbee mesh repair.
I also find ST sensors are really bad with battery. Sometime 80% means dead.

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Hi all, just to let you knew that the zigbee reset by powering the hub off for 20 mins has fixed the issues without battery replacement being required.

Thanks for those that offered assistance.