SmartThings over the hump?

(Beckwith) #1

After over a year of things seeming to get worse instead of better, is SmartThings finally over the hump. Are things going to get better now since they appear to have fixed the scheduling issues? If not, when do you predict the tipping point?


:astonished:Huh? When did this happen??

(James Yeo) #3

My scheduling started fine when I bought the system in December after a breakin.
Over the past month it was degrading horribly … over the last week anything scheduled was useless.

Last night and this morning, everything ran perfectly for the first time since then.

(Bob) #4

I don’t think one day constitutes “over the hump”…

but I like your optimism. :beers:

(Beckwith) #5

Yeah, I have a sore neck trying to look over the next hill.