SmartThings Outlet Wattage off by 10x

I have a Samsung SmartThings GP-U999SJVLDAA Smart Outlet. It’s been great to be able to view wattage history. It has been a while since I checked it, but today I noticed a significant increase in wattage. I have my computer workstation on this outlet:

  • two LCD monitors, a
  • laptop
  • thunderbolt docking station

My power consumption ranged from 300-1200W in the SmartThings app. Historically, it’s 10% of that.
Given the inexplicable jump in wattage, I checked my Sense whole home power meter and it doesn’t show that much power consumption for the entire house. To doubly confirm, I plugged the outlet into a Kill-a-Watt power meter. Sure enough, the power draw is one-tenth the stated consumption in the SmartThings app. It appears as though SmartThings has moved the decimal place from 52.4 watts to 524 watts. I don’t see any setting for me to adjust or correct this.
Is anybody else experiencing this?
Any suggestions?

I’ve seen reports for other devices that report electric usage that the stock drivers are inaccurate. I’d check to see if you device is covered by one of the drivers from @Mariano_Colmenarejo that seem to have fixed the issue for others.

Thanks for the suggestion. The decimal shift doesn’t seem to be platform dependent. It is consisent throughout my Andriod app, ST website (, and my ConstantGraph logger. I reported it to ST, but I’m not holding my breath on that one…

Tech support from SmartThings responded fairly quickly. They suggested I
-delete the device from my SmartThings app
-uninstall and re-install my SmartThings app
-reset the outlet (holding power button down for 5 seconds)
-Re-add the outlet to the ST app (It took a couple rounds of attempting to add the device, but I was able to eventually re-connect.)

Sure enough, it fixed the problem! If anybody out there has the same issue, give that a try.

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Hi @Tree_Farmer

This problem will happen again if you need to change to a different driver and then go back to the official driver.

With driver changes, the stock zigbee switch driver does not configure the device and the value of the power calculation divisor key is deleted, which is saved in the permanent memory of the hub.

To solve it, it is only necessary to uninstall the device and reinstall it. With this, the configuration of the device is carried out again and the correct value of the divisor key is saved in memory.