SmartThings Outage - Mar 12 2018

First issue Ive had in about a year (other than the odd 1-10 minute outage) - hope smartthings staff finds a fix soon.

Even with todays outage, the last year has been much more stable for me than the year before.

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I assume all these problems are being caused as part of their migration to combine Samsung connect / ARTIK and smartthings etc ? lot of behind the scenes server changes ?

i now realise i have way too much of my house running on a system which is not stable enough for me to feel comfortable leaving my family alone with it for more than a day or two or they all have to walk around in the dark and i will have garden lights on all day …

im sure you all know the feeling when you walk into a room and you look to see if the automatic lights will or wont turn on this time… and 3 hours later when they are still on when you set it for 5 minutes after motion stops…once in a while is ok, but these days its almost every day somethings down or not responding from the cloud.

i have a KNX system which i have managed to link to smartthings and thank god i kept it going as its the only part of the house system that works reliably.

I like the idea of Hubitat but i dont know if i can be bothered to start again and also dont know much about it

I don’t see why a V3 smartthings hub couldn’t move a lot more to run locally, and finally we do need a way to backup and restore should our hub die. it hasn’t happened to me yet but if i lost all my configs or the hub died then that would be the end of smartthings for me for sure.

the potential of this system is huge … but they need to take a whole new look at how you build in reliability and redundancy if they want to attract more than just the home hobbyist

This was written in the dark as i refuse to get up and turn on the light switch which is supposed to be on with motion… thanks smartthings…

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I have a v1 hub and I’m on the original North American cloud shard. I wasn’t able to access the mobile app for several hours last night. But with Lutron caseta switches I could still control some of my lights (even with alexa), and with aeon micro relays I had local control of some others (it’s not that hard to flip a switch). I even had routines and WebCoRE pistons running during the time that others were reporting continued outages.

Even though my hub is totally cloud reliant, I think the 1st NA shard is just prone to fewer problems, and most of these outages have been minimally painful for me. I have no real evidence for that, just my own experience.

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some things are working for me too.

Routines seem to be working but some things are coming on and then not going off etc…

Anytime i try to edit a Routine in the ST app i get an error stating “You are not authorized to perform this operation”.

Fun times.

@NomadTech has opened up a discussion thread and posted an announcement of a very significant development. I suggest taking any discussion of it over to that thread, but this is a big deal. I’m sure it’s been in the works for a while, the announcement isn’t because of this particular outage. But it does answer a lot of questions.

Harman, also a Samsung company, will take on key SmartThings development tasks including with developing and deploying the SmartThings app, work third party sensors into the SmartThings ecosystem, develop SmartThings Cloud and develop the SmartThings roadmap.

I’m pretty sure this means a full-scale push into the Artik Lego block approach to IOT. Samsung has been teasing that for about three years, but I think this means it’s here.

Again, follow up discussion specific to the Harman involvement should go in the following thread:

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I just noticed this too. Guess I jinxed myself. I logged it with support.

It is a one time registration. Everything is local with hubitat. Besides, you’d still need Internet access for updates.

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So will this be called the “Great Outage of 2018”.

I really like automating my house with ST. I also have a Lutron Hub as well. I think all of the automation features fall into a “nice to have” bucket. But I don’t bet my life on them. I have, and will always have manual backups for everything. So yesterday to me was just a minor burp.

Big deal.

Occasionally about twice a year here in Florida, the lightning capital of the USA, we lose power for several hours. Now that’s inconvenient. But somehow I live through it. When the lights come back on, I am very thankful for the people out there who brought the power back online.

Today I am thankful for the people at Samsung who brought ST back online.


Yesterday may have been one minor burp for you. For everyone else, this entire year has been a complete gastrointestinal disorder:

This doesn’t include the Jan 3rd platform outage either.

One of the January outages lasted longer and affected more functionality, so I think this one will just be remembered as one of several early 2018 outages.


I’m getting a “not authorized” message when attempting to edit routines. Routines also do not run when pressed. My scheduled routines are running though… Logged with support.

My camera DVR (LA View with great app!) is behind my Piano and a 65" TV bolted to the wall an inch above the piano. Nobody’s getting to that thing before all my alarms go off, my phones are paged, and snaps are sent to my phone. :slight_smile:


Now we know where to look…lol


@jody.albritton @nastevens @Zach_Varberg @tpmanley

Are you guys aware of the fallout from the platform outage that people cannot create/modify Routines or Smart Lighting Rules? This is as of 5 minutes ago.

For a New Routine, nothing loads in the screen (see below)


We are aware and have located the issue. It should be fixed shortly.


Thanks Luke.


Worth noting there has been no email update yet from ST that the outage has been resolved so my guess is they are aware that not everything is working still. But probably good to point it out (just in case the half dozen or so new threads on the subject haven’t made it obvious).

EDIT: I"m too slow. ST replied before I did, lol.


You need Local Keyboard versus Cloud :smile:


Yeah, thought about that after I posted. Now it’s a honeypot! :slight_smile: