SmartThings Outage - Mar 12 2018

Try Safari or explorer, or open an incagnito window or clear cache in Chrome

This morning I was able to log into the apps and all appears to be functioning like nothing has happened. During the night the 2 routines I had worked fine from the Hub for locking doors and setting the alarm in case of a door opening and they fired off this morning fine before I logged back into the apps. on the devices.

My wife’s App on her phone never acted up at all, on my two devices I had to log back in, got some error I was already logged in. Closed it down and reopened the app and in I was like it was before the outage

I turned my own lights off last night and checked that the doors were locked.


Get Splunk. Find root causes.

As much as I enjoy the customization available in ST, it is not the center of my HA. Alexa is. Now, to the degree possible, I am happy to have indirect linkages to ST so that I can make use of all the fun things that ST allows me to do with webCoRE and custom DH/apps. Last night merely proved that it is prudent to keep my legacy IRIS hub with a small handful of lights in key locations.

As for the most critical component of HA, the “happy wife” module, the way to keep that running at an optimum level is summed up in 2 words, “expectation management”. Me: “Honey, SmartThings is on the fritz, but we still have light control next to the sofa and the Master bedroom due to 2 bulbs I moved back to IRIS. The Alexa commands for Downstairs and Bedroom will work as normal with this setup. All the ceiling lights will work normally as they use that BOND hub I bought. And we have to use the Alexa Skill to activate until SmartThings wakes up.” Her: “Ok, thank you.”


My routines are working but “Smart Lighting” settings are not working and when I try to access the detail screen, I get “Something’s Wrong” message.

Cross post here: "Smart Lighting" not working

Interesting. TBH, that’s a lot of things ST should not be used for. Is there another reliable platform for security, etc?

All night and it’s still down. I bet smartthings doesn’t consider reliability a valuble feature. They probably were not even working on fixing it through the night.

Mine is working this morning. I don’t see why it requires internet. Seems a poor design since internet fails enough as it is or can be cut by an intruder. Have it run in local network as a primary. Internet connectivity should only be needed for updates and remote functions.

We had a really bad time coming home last night. Couldn’t disarm the system. So when we opened the door, the alarm goes off. I couldn’t stop it. Had to pull the batteries in the siren. Turn off all lights manually with switches so we could go to bed. Needless to say, the other half was not a happy camper. There’s no way she could do what I did if I had been gone.

Now this morning, I can’t seem to edit any routines. Keep getting error message. So don’t know if they work or not.

You can’t just throw unlimited money at it but have they thrown enough? Something changed. Did they fully test the changes before releasing them into production? If they dont use a preprod testing approach or even load and performance, then more money to set up those environments is needed.
My thought is to make ST fully self contained and operational on the local network. Internet should only be needed for software updates and remote functions. Relying on internet for basic functionality is crazy.

Yeah. I had thought about getting ST for my mom since she lives alone in another state. She wouldn’t have had a clue on what to do if this happened to her. Anyone with other platform suggestions that are not reliant on the internet for functionality?

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Yes, but not being able to get email or buy a widget during an outage is different than not being able to turn off a siren blaring in your home, or in other cases close a garage door.

Personally , I am a belt and suspenders technology person … (why I use lutrons I want a physical control path) but not everyone is so anal-retentive, and ST suggests you dont need to be.

In 30+ years of IT and InfoSec I get it … Stuff hits the fan… but there seems to be a problem in general with the platform and its stability of late that is (my perception) worse than before…

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I’m slowly migrating over to Hubitat

Unless I find a better option … but this seems to tic my major boxes (local control AND processing, most device supported that I need, etc)

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My SmartLighting app just worked to turn off the lights. It didn’t turn
them on earlier. If it works, I can live with it until the fix it but as
you say we can get to settings. Thx.

Yea, I got it as well from the wife this morning. Her words, “I can do without Smartthings…” I now need to look at alternatives, which is upsetting considering how much I have invested in Smartthings components.

From what I understand Hubitat is all about LOCAL processing and control. Which is great. But no good way to access or control remotely. That’s the killer for me.

I’ll check that out. Thank you!

Actually not entirely … they are talking about releasing an app, as well as ports of OpenDash/HousePannel for the control

Yes, the jury is still out, but not yet Hung :slight_smile:

Mine is down too!