SmartThings Outage - Jan 03 2018

Well I tried to help you with you going into the Marketplace to try and add SHM again.

Good luck

Not sure how Abode didn’t get added into that mix. They don’t ever appear to have much in the way of downtime and their status page is phenomenal for History.

:rofl: i posted Adobes link and not goabode. Anyway, I leave that as a favorite even though I don’t have one but I know Bobby raves about it. Last reported issue was in October.

They post detailed information on what actually happened, whether patches were rolled out. Very informative versus the very vague details we see here after a resolution:

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Same Here
Google Home seems to work fine so far. But the ST App and my ZWave MiniMotes are Useless right now.
This message from ST dated Jan 5th says ALL FUNCTIONALITY SHOULD BE RESTORED… REALLY???
I cut & pasted the FOLLOWING message from ST…
They need to be a little more Pro Active on letting Users/Customers know what & why these outages happen.

Monitoring - Functionality should be restored for all users. SmartThings engineers are continuing to monitor the situation.
Jan 5, 02:06 EST

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Read my post above. If you are on the na04 shard, this is a newer issue than what was posted earlier this morning. Only people on na02-east1 we’re impacted as part of that outage from the people including myself who originally posted. We think the na04 issue started sometime after that resolution was posted. I am only guesstimating here based on reading every post. You are right, there should be a more proactive approach as to reporting the issue and informing end users, but it is what it is.

So, today I get am email from Comcast telling me they have increased my speed from 200 to 250 Mbps with no additional charge. All I have to do is reboot my modem…

Two hours later I finally got my internet connection back. It is faster, but is there nothing that works smoothly anymore?

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Ya, but you have to be willing to unlock the door with a key, or walk to the wall and turn on the light switch. :grin: We take too much for granted and rely too much on technology and our expectations of it.

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I max out at about 265 of 300mb and an upload of 35mb on my second 5ghz band. You probably won’t achieve that speed if you run on 2.4ghz. Ethernet you will. Been waiting for GigaBlast and fiber optics in my area for over two years.

I"m slightly OK with it not communicating via the cloud and whatnot, but mine won’t even act as a standalone. It works lighting, but won’t pick up on any of the 17 multisensors or 3 motions. I’ve armed the Home Monitor and tripped sensors to simulate and intrusion…Nothing. I’ve done both a button reboost and a hard reboot.

I just checked and all things are available. Looks like it’s clearing up. BUT, this thing should absolutely work as a battery backed up, standalone and trip the Home Monitor to trigger lights or sirens during an intrusion.

I hope this is just a result of everyone cashing in on the 50% off sale and causing excessive traffic.

Ya, I doubt this has anything to do with anything. That’s just silly.

If pieces are still down on SmartThings and you only have partial functionality, things aren’t going to work in your mobile app. Smart Lighting runs locally if all the devices in the rule are local devices. Routines don’t run locally so if a portion of that is still down, it’s going to affect your SHM and Modes. Leave it alone for the night and power it off and don’t rely on it tonight and turn it back on in the morning. Best thing you can do.

If the cloud is acting flaky or you don’t have access to it then the only parts of the original hub system (V2) that run locally are:

The official smart lighting feature, and then only if all the devices in the rule are eligible to run locally

Some bits of smart home monitor, particularly alert with lights

But here’s what won’t work:

The app will not be able to communicate with the hub even if they are on the same Wi-Fi

You can’t change modes

Routines will not work

You can’t arm or disarm smart home monitor

You can’t dismiss any smart home monitor alerts

You won’t receive any notifications

Geofencing will not work

No custom code will work, which means web core will not work, any custom device type handlers will not work, and no other smart apps will work.

Some of these things will look like they worked because the mobile app is able to talk to the cloud, but because the cloud is not communicating well to the hub they won’t actually happen. For example, arming smart home monitor.

That’s just how the platform architecture is designed at present. We all wish there was more local processing, but there just isn’t.

Potentially your minimote could work to turn lights on and off, but only if all of those lights were set up to run locally and only if the only rules you were using to do that was SmartLights.

So I’m not sure exactly what it was that you were trying to test, but most of the stuff you’re describing is not stuff that would work if the cloud was flaky.

You should be able to set it up so a motion sensor can trigger a light, but only at both devices are using stock device type handlers and only if you have the rule set up through the official smart lighting feature. Or alert with lights and smart home monitor.

Smartthings just isn’t designed as a standalone system. There are other competing systems that are, but it isn’t. :disappointed_relieved:

The new ADT/SmartThings security panel does have additional security features that can run without the Internet, but only the ones specific to the security part of the system.

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So if your ISP goes out, lights and sirens won’t get triggered during an intrusion to scare off an intruder or notify you while sleeping that someone came in your home? I’m not talking about push or text notifications.

The V2 Hub is not designed to be a security system. Although it has functions (SHM) to perform similar functionality to a security system, it isn’t. Without a cellular backup, no notifications are sent.

As for lighting, if things go down with the exception of your power, if you have rules setup in Smart Lighting and all those devices are running locally, then yes, lights can come on. The V1 and v2 hubs should really only be used for home automation and even then, not to be relied upon to be available with 100% uptime.

If you need a security system and want to stay with SmartThings, then maybe you should research the ADT/ST security system.

JDRoberts can point you in a ton of directions depending on what your primary / critical usage is intended for.

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Probably not, it depends on exactly what you set up. You definitely won’t be able to arm or disarm the system without Internet. And you can’t do anything from your phone.

The new ADT/smartthings security panel is designed as a true security system, and its security features do operate without the Internet. If you click on any of the security links on the website now they will take you to information about that particular model line.

But as far as the original hub, it doesn’t do much without the Internet.

200w (5)

OK, i did try and arm it when things were wonky. So lets say normally Home Monitor were armed when everything is OK, then lets say the internet (ISP) or cloud went down, with being armed beforehand let the hub still trigger “things” inside the home?

Yes, but only those automations which can run locally. That’s why I said it depended on exactly how things are set up.

See the following, and remember that it only applies to the official smart lights feature and a few bits of smart home monitor.

Again another time when I regret migrating to a v2 hub. My old v1 on the original shard was dang hear rock solid. My 5 bucks is on db io issues related to the Meltdown/Spector patches lol… But my house has been lag city for the last 5 hours.

Thanks, I didn’t mean to drag it a bit off topic. I’ll check that out and discuss things in another thread on the topic. Thanks again.

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No problem, there have been a lot of conversations about what runs without the cloud this week, not surprisingly.

I thought about writing a post on it but the fact is it’s so complicated and depends so much on the exact setup with both devices and automations that I couldn’t even get started on it. :scream: There are so many different possible configurations which then end up with different results as far as the various points of vulnerability: the hub itself, the Internet, the SmartThings cloud. So another thread would probably be a good idea, it’s going to be a complicated discussion. :wink:

Oh I was onboard when that happened… I ended up having to send my hub TO them for them to un-brick it. The turn-around on it was very fast though. That was the only major-hiccup I ever had with Wink other than my GE bulbs being a pain in the butt and losing their connection every month or so.

I still love the flexibility the ST system offers, but man it’s frustrating after a long day of work…coming home and having my lights doing all sorts of weird shit or not working at all.

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