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SmartThings Outage (EU Only) - Mar 23-27 2018


(Rui Rolo) #34

At moment everything’s stay equal. ST app is not working! Is very difficult sign in.

(Gregoiredore) #35

Zigbee on my hub is not working (zwave is ok)… Can it be connected to this issue ?


All I get after Connecting… is an error loading the main screen. Widgets time out and it’s completely unusable. This is an outage plan and simple.


This is terrible. My app asks me to log in then confirm I’m using a non Samsung Android, when I click yes it starts the loop again and asks me to log in.

Not happy!!!


Absolute nightmare with Smartthings for the last couple of weeks.

I use a Samsung S6, with classic Smarthings app. Every time I log in, I either get a message telling me my password or email is incorrect, and when it does actually let me in (1 chance in 10), it kicks me back out straight away and I have to repeat. It moans about having a Samsung account (on phone) as well as a Smartthings account, even though I’ve never created a Samsung account for the phone (I don’t want one). I’m happy with my Smarthings-only account.

The new “Connect” app is useless and doesn’t show any devices or routines, so that’s a waste of time.

This afternoon, the Hub decided to switch to Away mode, and run those routines, despite us being in the house. Quick to resolve? Not a chance, when you can’t log in to the app, and have to resort to removing smartplugs and accessing through a PC instead.

What on earth is going on with Samsung lately?


Unfortunately once you sign into the new SmartThings (Samsung Connect) App it will automatically create a Samsung account for you and it will damage some of the features on your existing SmartThings account. :disappointed_relieved: So the fact that you know that the new app doesn’t show any devices means you’ve already created this damage. :scream:

I know it shouldn’t let you get past the first screen if you didn’t understand the migration process, that’s a very big error with this most recent release. But it is what happens.

If you didn’t download the new SmartThings (Samsung connect) app yet, and you are currently using the SmartThings Classic app, then do not even download the new app until you get a banner in the old app telling you to do so. The migration just isn’t ready yet.

If you already have the new app either because it was an automatic update of the old Samsung connect app or just because you saw in the App Store and thought you would try it, you are going to need to contact UK support.

I’m sorry there’s not a better answer, this is a very unfortunate situation.

Android SmartThings App Login not working!
(Steve) #40

Yep exactly the same thing I had. Got logged out of the old app. Went looking for info found the new one signed in no devices wouldn’t discover any so went back to old app still can’t sign in now it says invalid email and password in the app. Even though the accounts page the app directs me to logs me in fine…

Really not happy about losing the ability to control virtually everything in my house! :’(

(Jon) #41

Thanks @JDRoberts. I wish I’d seen your post last night before I registered my second hub. Any idea how easy it is to get a new welcome code to reregister?

(Steve) #42

This is terrible, the lack of response from Samsung no update on the status pages since 1pm? If people back your platform to automate and run their IoT devices you can’t leave them without that service for too long or they’ll leave. Days of issues now and people depend on these services… My house alarm and everything is ran by smartthings most don’t have a manual option.

Should I go blow the dust off of OoenHAB or do we have faith that this will get resolved?

Update: just got signed in to the app but certain device handlers aren’t working right and not reporting the correct device status’


I’m not sure, but you would need support’s help for that.

(Steve) #44

Reply from Samsung support:

Tanya (SmartThings)

Mar 26, 8:43 AM MST

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for confirming that for me! I’ve gone ahead and updated that from my side.

Looking into this further, I can see everything is still connected and running server side, which is great! You also only have one Location which is ideal. I can see you’re using a couple of custom devices, so I would definitely recommend sticking with the Classic App for the time being (you’ll get a notification when the new App has been updated and can support more of your needs).

As a Samsung Account user, it definitely looks like this is tied to the platform outage. It does look like you’ve managed to get yourself logged back in thankfully! I’m hopeful that our engineers are on the homestretch to fixing this issue. I apologise again for the inconvenience.

All the best,


(Ruggero) #45

I’ve just been logged out of the app once again, and when trying to log back in, I get an “Incorrect email or password”. This is beyond frustrating :frowning:

(Cara Rynerson) #46

If anyone has their system back up and running, I would like to hear about it. 3 days on and still I can’t get the app to load.


Same here. I’ve now been logged out and after entering my username I get “Incorrect username or password” before receiving a password prompt.

(Pedro Garcia) #48

So my whole home is “out-of-order” now. The new app seemed to come from stock in my new S9 (I do not think I installed it manually), opened it, automatically used my Samsung Account (why not?)… And now nothing works.

This must be a joke. After several outages, unexpected firmware updates which always break something, no zigbee support for “real” devices (i.e. multiple endpoint devices), and now this…

Time to switch to another platform. Smartthings seemed promising, seemed to work, seemed DIY friendly… seemed many things, but it is nothing but an expensive toy, not really mature or supported at a scale that may allow a real serious end-user to get his home automated.

Bye-bye SmartThings, hello OpenHab (or whatever that works: but nothing can really be worst than SmartThings in its current status…)

(Ruggero) #49

App still kicking me out, despite now a message claiming there has been a security patch.
I’m giving in; sadly wasted money.

(Adam Walker) #50

Gosh this really is poor. Would be good to get a sense of resource / effort going in to fix this. Or even a statement on what’s causing it.


Dare I say this but it’s working again for me at the moment !!


Ok I take that back it gone again !!! :rage::rage::rage::rage:

We can't load your screen right now

Fourth day in a row… really disappointed in SmartThings after using it a couple of months now. :disappointed_relieved: