Smartthings or other sensors?

Are the Samsung Snartthings sensors better than the other sensors out there? Are they anymore compatible with the hub then non-Smartthings sensors?

They’re more expensive to be sure. :slight_smile:
SmartThings does not “make” sensors, afaik. They’re OEM’ed CentraLite sensors.

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As Geko points out, SmartThings doesn’t even make their own sensors. I guess they may be a “tad” more “compatible” in the sense that they might have the latest firmware (most have OTA over-the-air update capability), and Tech Support might be slightly more inclined to help if you have a sensor hardware issue.

There are some folks that go entirely Z-Wave for Devices, though, because it maintains the ability to switch to some other systems (though competitive systems are going ZigBee, BLE, Thread, WiFi, … too).

A well-automated home will have lots and lots of Devices – so if you are on a budget, look for good deals (big BestBuy PEQ sale last year, for example; Lowes Iris deals now; Monoprice and others for Z-Wave options…).

For this reason I shy away from SmartThings devices. I mostly try to stick with Z-Wave in case I want to go back to a different HA platform. I would hate to waste hundreds of dollars on anything only to have to repurchase it all if I decide to jump ship on ST.

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