Smartthings or alexa?

I have been thinking what the best product would be for connecting all my devices. My question is what is the best for connecting them. I think features as sending commands to a webserver are also important. But what are the important things why the one is better for this needs?

They are complimentary, not competitors. Unless you’re referring to the echo plus.


First question: what devices do you have?
If any of them use the z-wave protocol, then Alexa won’t be able to communicate with them directly… you would then need something like SmartThings.

Second question: do you want robust automations? Stuff like “schedule the front door to be unlockable by the maid code ONLY between 2p and 5p Friday”? Again you’d need SmartThings, because Alexa is not yet capable of anything like that.

But if you are only using zigbee and WiFi devices and only need voice command in the moment, then the Echo Plus would be perfect for you.

This can be done with Alexa devices?

With IFTTT, indeed it can. Custom commands to web servers used to be created via the ‘Maker’ function - it’s now called Webhooks. I have commands going to my Android control tablets, which then farm out commands to my television and AVR and other gadgets as well as executing routines themselves.

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