Smartthings on Android w/o Using Samsung login?

Hello -

Question: can I log into either the new ST app or the Classic app on Android using a ST acct? Both seem to force me to use my phone’s Samsung acct (I can’t even pick a separate acct).

I just switch from iOS to Android (Note 10). I logged into my phone initially with a Google acct and that created a new Samsung acct.

The phone came with the new ST app on it which is automatically using my new Samsung acct which was created for my phone. Obviously, this is not the same ST acct that I have been using for years in the classic app. I can’t change the acct in the app without logging out of Samsung acct on my phone altogether.

However, since I am not using a Samsung acct (still using a ST acct), I downloaded the Classic app. After clicking Sign In, it asks me for my email address, but after I provide it…the app tells me I am already logged into my phone with a different Samsung acct and again I have to remove it (from phone) if I want to log in to the classic app with a different Samsung.


No. :no_entry:

haha - awesome. Thanks for the quick reply. So, basically I’m SOL until my acct migrates OR I need another device…Or decide to start fresh…

Or contact ST support and see what they say :slight_smile:

Note: best method is to call and speak with a support rep


The Classic app will default to the SmartThings account when both a SmartThings and Samsung account under that email address exist. So it sounds like you’re signing into a different account or you already migrated. When you sign into are you able to sign in with a Classic account? And if so, does it match the email address of your newly created Samsung account?

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I haven’t been migrated yet (at least I don’t recall being notified and when I try to login it doesn’t work).

Yes, when I visit ST site, I can log in with my (classic) ST acct. On my iPhone, I logged into classic app using classic acct. That email does NOT match my Samsung acct used on my phone.


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Then I withdraw/replace my Answer.

If you can use your “SmartThings Login” (not “Samsung Login”) at then you should have no problem logging into SmartThings (Classic) App on any phone.

I doubt you can login to the New App.