SmartThings on 3G Mobile connection - Bandwidth?

Long story short, I would like to run my Smartthings using a 3G connection thats already servicing my Hue bulbs quite satisfactorily. Its only for about 6 weeks - as I set up a new house and plan the actual move for end of November.

I’ve done some searches, and seen some previous postings on this, but just as an update if anyone has some comments on :

1 - Any latency issues
2 - Any bandwidth issues (mine is around 1.5 Mbps download and 200kbps upload)
3 - Data consumed over a 30-60 day period

There will be around 35 to 40 ‘devices’ connected to ST, including sensors, bulbs, switches some using native handling, and others custom code - so it will need a permanent connection.

I’d like to also setup my Echo with it as well, however I fear that may eat up data, so this is just an option at the moment.


ST data usage is pretty negligible: I very much doubt you’d have an issue.

As Echo sends all voice data after it hears the wake word to the cloud for parsing, though, I’m not sure I’d recommend that without some testing beforehand. I’d certainly be a bit chary about using it for say “Alexa, play some U2” or whatever - streaming music will flatline your mobile data in pretty short order :smiley:

#1 - No
#2 - No
#3 - 150MB per 30 days with 53 devices

Setup has no video or audio, just switches such as motion, temperature, humidity and door sensors

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