Smartthings notifications stopped working

I have a Samsung s20 ultra. I have smartthings with door sensors and yale smarts. 2 weeks all the notification stopped showing up on my phone. I’ve signed out of smartthings reinstalled the app twice. Notifications are turned on but still nothing shows up when a door is unlocked or opened.

Can no-one help?

Thanks for reaching out for assistance. I wanted to gather a bit more details. Are you using the Classic app, or the new ST application?

Have you ensured that you have your notifications turned on for Smartthings application and Smartthings Notifcation push set to alert and popup optional? Assuming that you are running on the latest Android Version.

You can locate the setting to verify by using this pathway: Settings>Apps>Smartthings>Notifications>Smartthings Notifications>Alert to play a sound, show status bar and lock screen.

I hope this message finds you well!

Hi yes all that is ser correctly. still the same

FAQ: how to tell which version of the SmartThings mobile app that you have

I’ve get smarthings app. Not the classic.

All notifications are on. Its on the latest version from the play store.

If I disconct the samsung hub smarthings sends a notification for that but not for anything else

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I have the same problem. If Hub goes Offline, I get that notification. When another notification is activated (in my case, webcore), the classic app shows the notification, but new app doesn’t.
In my Android I found a difference: In the app “Permissions”, going to Classic app, it has a definition named “Show pop-up notifications”, but opening the Permissions for the new app, that definition is not present.

UPDATE: My notifications are now working. My notifications are configured in WebCore, and the problem is that, in this new app, for WebCore notifications to work, we need to activate the “Store in Messages” option, otherwise it won’t work!!!

So, does anyone know the status of this issue? I have the same: all settings are as they should be but my Galaxy S9 just shows the notifications and vibrates. The alarm sound that I set, doesn’t play. Pretty useless this way…

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Hey there @HansR,

Just to confirm in your Smartthings Notifications Category you’ve set it to Alert and Pop up optional with your sound selected?

Like in the below example images:

Have you also tried toggling the Show Notifications button, clearing the storage cache and reinstalling the ST app to see if your symptoms persist?

I hope this message finds you well!


Thx for your quick reply. Yes, settings are the same. Clearing storage cache didn’t help. Reinstalling ST app didn’t help either. Unfortunately, same behavior on my ipad: no sound. Any other suggestions?

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same problem, all the notification stopped showing up on my phone.

I have this issue as well. S21 ultra. Used to tell me when my washer and dryer were complete. Now nothing. I have changed nothing. All latest updates… etc.

Still no solution to this? My pixel 6 pro stopped receiving notifications about a week ago. Tried uninstalling, clearing cache, checked settings, power cycled hub, turned off wifi. Nothing