Smartthings Node Proxy with 2 Partitions

Has anyone been able to get Smartthings Node Proxy with a Vista 20 working with 2 Partitions. If you have can you share your config.json with me?

"partitions": [
        {"partition": 1, "name": "Partition 1"},
        {"partition": 2, "name": "Partition 2"}

If both partitions are created in ST and show status of the partition when set by the keypad, then you have all multi partition functionality that’s currently supported. Right now, neither the smartapp nor the STNP plugin support arm/disarm of anything but the default partition.

I’m working on getting multiple partitions to function properly. If you’re interested or want to help test, let’s talk in the main thread. As a stopgap, the smartapp code that I linked to in post 990 of the main thread has a fix that should prevent the random arming/disarming that was being triggered by SHM integration.

yes I am more than interested in helping where I can. Sorry for the delay. I will give that a try for the work around to see if it stops the random arming.