Smartthings no longer retaining state

Since the recent platform update my system has been complete mess. Some issues have been resolved but others are getting worse.

Has anyone one else found their devices no longer “remember” their last state? My open/close and presence sensors are periodically reporting their last state as new. It started out a couple of times a day but it is now happening far more frequently…

Doors that have never been opened all day suddenly report being closed repeatedly. Similarly my presence sensors are repeatly saying they have arrived dispite having never left… I mentioned this in the poltergeist thread, but it has become exponentially worse since then. I have noticed that these spontaneous reports of unchanged state seem to happen in bursts. My gut says something in Smarthings land is resetting which causes it to think the state is new even though it is not.

It’s not a signal strength issue as one of the devices is only a couple of feet from the hub, plus my presence sensor rage is over three houses away. So in some respects the reception is too good.

I have a ticket open but have not heard a peep in quite some time from support. I’m getting close to re-creating the printer scene from “office space,” but with my V2 hub.

Has anyone else had this issue, and have been able to resolve?

I have not had this issue. I do think the poltergeist thread is probably the best place to commiserate. I hope there is a cause found, because I believe certain people are absolutely experiencing a bunch of weird behavior, while others are not. Whether the common thread is a smartapp (or smartapp type), device or devicetype, server, or something else, no one can tell yet. Obviously a ticket as you have done is the first thing to do. After that… not sure. I wondered if somehow the community could pull together the commonality between the affected and see what they come up with. Would have to be done in one thread, with lots of hypotheses…

One other way to approach this (and I’m not suggesting you do this work), is to roll back suspicious causes, cutting edge things you have and see if it gets better. Like if all my motions went crazy, I’d start with the zone motion app I have (which is awesome). Alas, I’m not having a lot of problems, just a spot problem here and there.

Wish I could help more.