Smartthings (New App) Android Version 1.7.38 - 21 (Sep. 19, 2019)


They added the ability to remove unused connected services in this Android version.

Does it work with Android 10 now?

We won’t know that until they release it into the play store. This was posted into the Galaxy store. @HA_fanatic let us know it was there.


I like that the ability to remove rooms and other groups via the blue checkbox from the dashboard is now there: (at least first time I’ve seen this)

I’ve noticed better and interactive icons for the tiles, landscape mode for tablets (it’s decent, but…), and a few more things they’ve outlined in the release notes.

I installed it on my Pixel 2 running Android 10 and it’s a definitive improvement. At least I can click on the device tiles now without the app constantly crashing.
If only now I could get rid of those “phantom” automations created by v1.7.37-25 and sending me multiple redundant notifications…

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The ability to totally hide a room is new with the new editing UI.


Got version 1.7.38-21 yesterday and everything appears to be working again. Home screen widgets showed up as of v1.7.37-25 and now clicking on them no longer crashes the app.

A couple of other variables that changed for me:

  • I updated the Sonos integration via
  • I switched Pixel 2XLs and upon logging in after the 1.7.38-21 update, the app asked for a new (cryptically named) Android permission related to Bluetooth & Wifi. (I had logged into v1.7.37-25 on this new phone and did not receive that permission request.) I cannot seem to find this new perm in the Android 10 permission manager, however.
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