Smartthings Multisensor to turn on/off Cree LED Bulbs


New here, but have learned a lot by listening to others. Having a problem using the open/close multisensor by Samsung to turn off my pull chain basement Cree LED bulbs. I have a switch up and downstairs that turns the lights on and then have a sensor to turn 3 Cree bulbs on/off in the washer/dryer room that are on the same circuit as the other two in the basement area. Is there a way to have those lights ONLY turn on/off from the sensors, or a way to have it so that the 3 in the washer/dryer room turn off when we turn them on initially?

I do not have Cree bulbs, but from my understanding you should be able to control each bulb independently, even if they are on the same circuit.

yeah, i turn them off with the open/close sensor on the door, then turn the power to them off via the switch, but the next time i turn the power back on to them, they turn back on. i want those to stay off and the others that aren’t smart bulbs on the circuit to continue to be controlled by the switch.

I think I get what you are asking and I’m going to say no you can’t do that. You are asking the Cree bulbs not to act in their default manner. To them, turning off their power is a defacto power failure. They will always come on full brightness following a power failure. That’s not even to mention the fact that when you turn the switch off you also rob the radio in the Cree bulb of the power it needs to accept, react to, or pass along commands.

For smart bulbs to work correctly, they must have power to them constantly, you cannot turn them off at the switch because then, you won’t be able to turn them on again remotely. You could put in a smart switch instead and use dumb bulbs as long as you have a neutral wire otherwise, never turn off the lights with the switch. There are battery powered switches that can be used to toggle your lights on and off if you still want to do so manually.

Didn’t know if there was a receive power command that could cause them to turn off. Basically giving you control after power is given.