Smartthings Multipurpose Sensor - unreliable?

Attach the sensor to your door on an inward tilt. You may have to jury-rig a way to mount it.

Ideally, there would be a “calibration method” to reset the sensor. I don’t know the specs on the chip as to whether or not this is available. The great thing about SmartThings is that it could be done with software; i.e., make the DTH store a calibration preference for each axis.

Easy to implement … hard to get published.

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ok, I’ll try that…
I’m thinking about placing a thin piece of cardboard under the top half of the multipurpose sensor. This should provide a slight inward tilt.

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Followup to:

1st try was attaching a single thin piece of cardboard (from the back of those memo pads you get in the mail from real estate brokers) under the top half of the multipurpose sensor to provide the suggested inward tilt. With this configuration, the situation improved from a 50% failure rate of not reporting “open” (and “close”) events down to 25%-ish.

To try to get the multipurpose sensor to improve its reliability even more, I then used a stack of three of said cardboards (they now measure about 3/32" in total thickness). So far, NO failures in the reporting of “open” and “close” events.

Kudos goes to tgauchat for the suggestion!

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I’m really failing to understand the whole XYZ axis thing here… one of my garage doors with the sensor mounted shows “0,52,-1065” vertical/CLOSED and “1110,-4,-122” horizontal/OPEN (yet the door still shows closed).

If I wanted to create my own device handler and tweak the range so that it will actually show “open” what number do I want to adjust here?

if (absValue>900) {
	contactValue = 'closed'
	garageValue = 'garage-closed'
else if (absValue < 100) {
	contactValue = 'open'
	garageValue = 'garage-open'

Change < 100 to < 200

I know this is a couple years old now - but this thread came in helpful when adding a PISTON to webcore using the samsung motion sensor and the threeaxis for garage door status alerts.

I found that axisZ > -950 was a good calibration for OPEN. I had to fiddle with the piston a bit to get it to not do false positives or double alert, but it seems to be working much better.

I had it using the magnetic contact - but in the last few days, it was registering open/close randomly. I do not know if it was heat related or something else, but it was annoying.

On a side note, the reason I didnt just build it using its own open/close status was that open seemed to need to be at 100% horizontal, and I wanted to alert before that