Smartthings Multipurpose Sensor Spacers (original, 5mm, 1cm)

I was having issues with my mountings so I designed spacers with different heights: standard, 5mm, 1cm. It helped me to workaround thick window and door frames that original ST supports were not able to accommodate

You can find the .stl files on:


This is exactly what I need to for the 3/4 inch casings around my doors and windows! Thanks a ton! Now to find a friend with a 3D printer.

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You’re welcome. I added a stackable version since on the same thingiverse page so you can combine different heights.
If you have a chance try printing with Nylon that would be great to give me a feedback. The PLA tends to be a bit rigid but as long as you don’t plan to insert/remove too many time, that will do the job.