Smartthings multipurpose sensor causing issues

New Smartthings user and I’m having issues. I have a new Smartthings hub. I have six GE switches installed and eight Sengled bulbs. All setup easy and no major problems.

I started to connect a Smartthings Multipurpose sensor and just couldn’t get it to work. It would always read open when the door was closed. Then I noticed that all eight bulbs were offline. I could still operate them with the Smartthings app but Alexa said they weren’t available and the Smartthings app said they were offline. I used the manual switch to turn them all off and back on and did get them all to reconnect.

Restarted adding the multipurpose sensor and the same thing happened. Had to reset all bulbs again. No problems until I discover the multipurpose sensor.

Any ideas? Also is there a way to update my bulb firmware with the Smartthings hub?