Smartthings Multi Sensor activity history values?

Hi all,

Reading through the activity history on my Smartthings Multi Sensor, I can see the following:

3-Axis of sensor (door) is: mG

It always follows a detection of vibration, and is always followed by the vibration stopping.

I’m assuming that it’s the door opening and swinging open, but does anyone know what mG means? What axis is it sensing?


sounds like 0.001*Gravity (9.8m/s/s)

The actual magnitude on the other hand, I think must be a root of several squares, one for each axis.

Do you think it’s always correct? I cannot trust mine - too many odd events. I think it would indicate vibration on bedrock.

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It’s milliG’s. Like millimeters. It’s reporting the G force registered by the accelerometer inside the sensor.

1mG = 0.001 G’s of acceleration, so 1000mG = 1G.

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Thanks for the responses.
I’m not getting any values, just mG.

I’ve just opened and closed the door slowly and also very fast. Close gently, and slam shut - the activity all remains the same…