SmartThings motion sensor, tamper/failure indications

This is a curiosity-level question more than anything.

I was watching the live log (in the online IDE) for a SmartThings motion sensor (the ‘current’ model rather than the ‘original’), mainly with the goal of figuring out its angle of view and range.

I noticed that the motion-detected events were coming in with log entries like

Parse returned (… motion detected …)
motion with tamper alarm

Well, that seemed interesting - the device has tamper detection? So I removed the back of the device (i.e., what you’d do prior to replacing the battery) and the next motion event no longer said ‘tamper alarm’ but ‘failure alarm’.

None of this info seems to show up in the ‘regular’ SmartThings app on iOS. If I look at the device attributes elsewhere in the IDE, I see nothing obviously corresponding to the failure/tamper flags, though maybe it’s coded in the 4-hex-digit status.

This is raising more questions than answers!

  1. What are the definitions of ‘tamper’ and ‘failure’ and how are they detected?
  2. How can I reset them?
  3. Are there existing SmartApps that take notice of these?
  4. Do other SmartThings devices have failure/tamper detection?

If the answer is ‘go and read the documentation’, that’s fine by me. But I didn’t see any, so a pointer would be appreciated. FWIW, if it helps frame the answer, I speak REST/JSON concepts.