SmartThings Motion Sensor Detected Always Enabled?

Hello, New to the community and SmartThings. I purchased the ST Hub and 3 SmartThings Motion sensors. Downloaded ST app and ST Classic app on Iphone. I automated the sensors to push me a text message when motion is detected and it works when armed. However, when disarmed, my ST Classic app doesn’t pick up any detected motion when I am in the sensor’s range, which is what I want. BUT, the regular SmartThings app does indicate ‘motion detected’ on my screen and logs the motion in the activity/history log.

My question is: is it normal for the sensors to always be enabled and detect motion even if I disarm using ST Classic app? Is there an option to completely disable the sensor when at home and not indicate motion detected and not log any entry in the log?

Thank you for any responses.

Yes, motion sensors always detect motion. That can’t be changed. Whether you get notifications or not CAN be controlled, though.

Jimmy, Thanks. Unless I am misunderstanding, I’m aware that I can control notifications through SmartThings Classic app when I setup a smartapp. What I can’t figure out is in the regular SmartThings app whenever there is motion detected it, whether the system is Armed or Disarmed, it creates an Activity History. It’s not really a big deal but I’m wondering if I can turn off the logging of the activity whenever the motion sensors are disarmed.

Nope. Activity history in the new app is like the Recently tab in the Classic app. Everything from motion to temperature events will be logged.

Thank You for your response

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