Smartthings motion sensor - being phased out in Australia?

ST motion zensor unavailable in Australia. Rumoured to be being phased out. Can anyone confirm or deny?

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It’s still readily available in the US

Multipurpose and Motion Sensors have been sold out on for at least a month now.

This subject should be confirmed by SmartThings (or Samsung), but nobody will do.

A few month back someone asked a similar question but hasn’t received a full answer.

We need a real response regarding hardware. And I guess the future of smartthings because Samsung seems to want to kill it as everything they’re doing hurts the value of smartthings as a brand.

I don’t know if they’re related but ever since Roh Tae-moon took over Samsung’s mobile division we’ve seen obnoxious cost cutting measures like ads in Samsung apps and discontinuation of services such as samsung cloud. Coincidence?

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That is definitely a cost cut.