SmartThings @ Makeathon: U of Michigan

Hi All!

Wanted to let you know that we will be at U of Michigan Makeathon @ Feb 6, 2015- Feb 8, 2015.
It will be held at University of Michigan Art and Architecture Building, Ann Arbor, MI, US.

PS - @Mager will be making an appearance there! Boo, I’m going to miss him, but you lucky people who will be attending will get to pick his brains!

Let us know if you’re attending this event down here!

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I’ll be there too - my first makeathon! I’ll be picking @mager’s brain too :smile:


That’s about half an hour from me, is admission limited? is their website. I think registration is required for participation. @mager?

I’m just wondering if this will be going on again this year? I unfortunately wasn’t doing ST last year but would love to go this time around if you are.