Smartthings just does not listen

It was nice today to see the new app update, with support for scenes, custom lock codes and fingerprint authentication, however.

The however is a big one and just goes to show how out of touch Smartthings and Samsung are with customers. This is because once again we get no update or word on delay sensors for arming and disarming the alarm system. It is ridiculous that they cannot add a couple of lines of code to support this. Then again maybe they have not done that on purpose to promote the new Smartthings ADT touchscreen alarm system. Right now if a new Kichstarter offered a Home Automation system for Z-wave and Zigbee that fixed this big Smartthings shortcomings, I would probably back it in a heartbeat if it fixed these shortcomings.

There are about a dozen (or more) crowd-funded smart home platforms available for pre-order (or “rewards”) right this moment. Several of those are months (or years) behind ETA and/or have horrid bugs.

Check out OOMI, Athom, … dozens.

No feature change is ever just “a couple lines of code”, especially in an organization the size of Samsung SmartThings where changes to SHM affect many internal departments.

Not excusing the lack of classic and undeniably useful functionality that was requested in immediately after SHM release 2 years ago, but just saying that you’ve got plenty of other options… but no good ones.

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Good luck with that. You can search for perpetual motion machines on kickstarter too, doesn’t mean they’ll deliver one to you anytime soon.

I gave up on becoming frustrated by this a long time ago. It’s just not worth it.

Try @arnb’s SHM delay smartapp if you haven’t already. It works great.