SmartThings Is Over Party

but, but, but… it works for me… i hate comments like that. or, it works for me (insert number here) % of the time so it’s great, not sure what you people are whining about.

flip light switch = state change 100% of the time unless no power or bulb out. that’s my expectation for a state change request based on either motion, time of day, etc. and not 5-15 seconds later, either

that’s what you get when you have a system that’s entirely dependent on the
cloud to work. Here’s the issue. SmartThings has a very serious single
point of failure: the internet. Which is completely out of the control of
anyone who uses it. At least if a single point of failure was something I
was responsible for, I could understand my own issues and seek methods to
resolve them. But sometimes the internet craps out. People who’s entire
security system is setup to use SmartThings as SmartThings has heavily
advertised end up losing any and all security in the case of an internet or
power failure, or for that matter even if SmartThings’ own cloud takes a
crap, which it has done several times in the past.

Want to cut off a smartthings user’s security system so you can rob them
blind? Cut the coax cable on the side of their house. They’ll never see it

This comment describes what life was like at the unofficial Iris forum. It’s hard for people to understand their utopia only exists within the walls of their home. I also believe most people who claim any HA system works perfectly either 1. Has a small system, 2. Has a simple system with few automations, 3. Doesn’t pay attention to when failures actually occur, or 4. Doesn’t accurately track the frequency of occurrences leading to a false positive perception of reliability.

Thank you. I did not come from Iris. I did allot of research and smarthings seemed the best of them. Knowing they all had flaws. I did go into this with eyes wide open. I am not saying its perfect but none are. But none have the community this does. Or the openness they allow. it could also be one of the problems but I prefer the openness. I do have issues but mostly weirdly enough its with their own branded devices. Had I know this when I started about 7 months ago I would not have put 24 multi purpose sensors on all doors and windows. I would of went with Iris ones as they seem pretty reliable as I have quite a few of them on like two safes and refridge (don’t ask lol). Their motion sensors die fast and when they do its never at a few % or even under 20% its 68% or above. That is my biggest irritation is having things die and the only true way is look in IDE and see them offline and then the app to see when was the last time they reported to smartthings. And I never say it works for me 100%. It does about 90-95%. But I went into this knowing this tech is new. Its predicted to grow into a huge multi billion dollar business. But until it hits mainstream and more people buy and the companies look at it as more of a platform for the real thing that is coming it won’t get better. I am not one that if a few things are not working like the should its all junk. And if something is not working I will admit that and move on. Some are not old enough to know when ADT, Brinks and a few other security systems first started. They were all wired and had issues. They were not 100% because it was as smart homes are a niche right now. They have gotten very dependable even there wireless. But even they are not 100%. You still have range issues and every great while you lose a sensor off the system. Mine has saved me allot more then I put into it. Which I estimate while a cringe 3500. As it saved two water issues one in the laundry room and one under a sink. It shut the water off on both occasions as it was supposed to do so I had very little clean up and fixed the issue and moved on. Also the convenience in itself is awesome. Asking GH or Alexa to do things is great. So is it perfect no. Does it work yes. My doors lock at 10 every night. The front door locks both locks immediately after closing as the kids can’t seem to learn to lock doors. I have 151 devices and have a few issues here and there but I am happy overall. And optimistic it will get better.


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