SmartThings Is Over Party

We buy computers that need rebooting, modems phones I could go on and on. Anything computer like needs a reboot from time to time. Why it’s first on most tech lists.

If all of the SmartThings glitches could be solved by a reboot, I would agree with you. Unfortunately, most of them cannot. It’s really not a comparable situation.

If your system is working great, I’m happy for you, and I hope the same becomes true for everyone else. :sunglasses:

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I have not rebooted my Mac or iPhone in over a year except for when there was an OS update.

I did not say all could be. I said before when mine becomes slow to respond a reboot fixes that. I gave my opinion on my take on this. Some can disagree and that is fine. I am giving a different opinion that is all. And I don’t think I have been rude unless disagreeing is rude.

I will say on my way home I got a leak detection. It was correct and shut the main water valve off as it’s supposed to. Saved me allot of money!!


For the 0.17.x release series, we do have a modest change to increase the number of LAN handle entries to avoid potential exhaustion as it sounds like you may have encountered. If your hub is in fact rebooting as a result of some set of actions, do contact support as this typically indicates that something beyond LAN handle exhaustion might be occurring.

On a related note, there was a fix for a LAN issue that resulted in a reboot that shipped with the most recent 16.x hotfix release. Was the issue you observed with this firmware or a previous version?


Joe, I was going to ignore any further posts you make on this thread, however I do believe you are being sincere in not understanding how your words have been interpreted by many on this thread. Here’s how I view your position:

“My system works great, I don’t know why yours doesn’t. It must be your fault; you should have done your homework before buying. If you are not happy with your system not working, vote with your wallet and go somewhere else because I don’t want to hear you complain.”

It is more than just just an opinion you are expressing. If that were it, I doubt anyone would take issue with what you are writing. Even if you do not intend to come across this way, you are. Perception is reality to those who perceive it. Now that the potential miscommunication has been stated, this is a good opportunity for you to clear the air.

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Glad you did respond as that is NOT my intention nor meaning at all! As I did state there are definitely some experiencing issues and in another thread I asked I wonder why its hitting some and not others and why its so hard to figure that out. Like updates wiping everything from someones hub. I also admitted in other posts and I think this one promises have been broken but we don’t know the reason. We are not there. We do not know the dynamics of the relationship of ST and Samsung. As it was pointed out elsewhere the two CEO’s were saying all this coming out and it didn’t and now ST didn’t get much at this years show. I was just trying I guess unsuccessfully to point out they all have issues, pros and cons and they buyer has to figure out whats best for them. I also am in no way making problems others are having small or saying they are not valid. All reviews state HA is relativity new and all have its issues. But then some could take that as all will have the issues not randomly. So you would think they could figure out why one is having issues and others are not. Reviews on amazon has made my decisions 99% of the time. And this product it has a 4 star rating with over 1300 reviewers. 47% 5 star, 16% 4 star, 8% 3 star, 9% 2 star and 20% 1 star. And most the 3 and 4 state in one way or another you must be willing to tinker so to say. In closing I think there are ways to say things without making a company that is pretty active on the forum to not want to be so active or samsung making them stick to the scripted messages like in some other forums I been apart of mostly simplisafe. They promised camereas since 2012 and just released one last few months. When people asked they gave the same canned answer. Verizon deleltes messages bashing them on theirs. So I guess I am saying yes people have problems and yes you should relay them. And I guess the you get what you pay for is something I live by. I buy a 29.99 iris motion sensor I don’t expect what I do from a 60 one. I went with a 70 dollar valve shut off and it works but I am scared that I didn’t go with the more expensive ones. But its saved me twice. I think I need to start replacing things like washer connectors and sink connectors more as that is what has failed twice on me. And both times ST detected and shut off water to the house saving me a flood.


Thanks for your explanation. My ticket is current and post the lastest firmware update, however, apart from telling me I’m displaying typical behaviour and telling me to delete devices I’ve not had anything else. I also reported still seeing issues this morning too but yet to have any response. In fact now that you mention I was not seeing any of this before the last firmware update.

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Weird, the Iris motion sensors are considered the best motion sensor out there for ST by most (admittedly said without a poll)…

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Yes your right I don’t deny that and was very pleased with them I have more of them then any other. But I didn’t expect it. It’s a nice surprise and saved me some money.

Especially when I got them for something like $10-$12 a piece (on sale).

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Rub it in lol

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The party is still over!

Some will surly say it never started.

so did the party hashtag ever catch on?

Don’t think so

I have moderate experience with home automation, mainly with the Vera line. I am a fairly new Smartthings owner. I must say joewom seems like a voice of reason around here.

Disclaimer: I am not joewom’s mom, wife or friend.

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Nice to meet you Joe’s mom. j/k

I think Joe came from the wonderful world of the second generation Iris system. Those of us who did know exactly how bad a home automation system can get. It’s easy to be reasonable towards SmartThings when you’ve walked that path.

There are two issues with this.

  1. Relativism. Better than previous terrible experiences does not mean a good experience. Just better. Both can actually be terrible and this can still be true. This is not a good defense.

  2. Length of experience. Coming in hot and declaring something is wonderful without some length of use isn’t a great measurement as it pertains to SmartThings. IMO, Time is the enemy at SmartThings in terms of user experience. If I setup my system from scratch it seemingly works great for a while - weeks even months. Slowly things start to degenerate and the logic breaks down. Database corruptions, unknown issues, etc seem to creep into the logic and things slowly devolve little by little and if you aren’t constantly vigilant, testing and remediating the problems can get to the point where the system is a complete mess. This has been my experience repeatedly. I believe folks that are constantly tinkering don’t realize this, and they are sincere in this - but I may not tinker with mine for months and months while I work on other things - family, hobbies, work, etc and things will stop working properly over time during each such period. Blowing away the rules/pistons/etc and recreating gets things back but this is a major effort. In fact an effort I have had to go through 3+ times in the 18 months or so I have been using it. It takes me 3+ weeks to do this.