SmartThings is my project

I’ve bitched a LOT about ST over the last year.

I nearly abandoned it for Indigo, considered “rock solid” while ST seemed “incredibly flaky.”

But over the past few weeks, things have gotten, dare I say it, good.

I owe a lot of this to @Obycode’s SmartRules, and to my BloomSky Weather Station becoming a reliable source of day/night/dark/light readings. Almost every issue in the past 10 days or so has been due to some unforeseen set of events that matched my SmartRules in a way I didn’t anticipate, not through any failure of the platform.

Would I now recommend ST to someone new? Only with lots of caveats. But I’m no longer wondering every day if I should abandon the platform.


it has gotten better in the last couple weeks. I hope they keep going down the road they are on and get us a good stable platform before too long.

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