SmartThings is incredibly slow today

A bunch of things are incredibly slow today with SmartThings. My motion sensors don’t turn on the lights until a min after they are activated. My battery buttons are also lagging about a min. Some won’t even turn on the device. Anyone else experiencing extreme lag? I’ve restated just about everything.

My hub (v2) showed offline even though it had a green light and seemed ok. I restarted it and then everything was online again. Weird.

It seemed to have fixed itself but the same thing is happening again. A lot of my devices have the default name now and it says it can’t connect with the smart things server.

I just want to turn on and off lights reliably.

I am offline here in Michigan. Looks like Amazon AWS is having issues again. (Power Outage) Not saying there is a link but, there was last time Amazon had an outage.