Smartthings is Broken After App Update (19 Feb 2019)

So the update that came in yesterday made it so my location has no devices. I had a long phone call with tech support and they said that it was the app update and it will be broken until they fix it

Try installing the classic app and see if your devices show up.

You might also check to see if you have 2 locations.

I have suddenly had a few devices that have worked well for a long time become unresponsive (in the classic app). Not sure if this is related.

Not defaulted to a duplicate or extra location in the top left menu?

I’m just getting started with SmartThings, moving from Iris after using it for 3 years.

After the update and being a ST newbie, I just un-installed the new version. Hopefully it will reduce my frustration until I can take off my training wheels…