SmartThings iOS app update 1.6.91 (October 21, 2022)

New update is now available


No mention of Matter that I can see. Perhaps there will be a new update with iOS 16.1?

The performance of the current iOS app is substantially improved from some of the one’s earlier in the year. Bug free, probably not but a good improvement!

I can’t seem to switch edge drivers anymore on the new app :frowning: It just show a blank screen after selecting the new driver.


Low expectations here.

I do not have that issue on the iOS 1.6.91 app, so maybe a reboot the hub, or restarting the phone may help.

Rebooted the hub, deleted app and re-installed. Still not showing the Thread version nor the matter logo. Now, I can’t even switch drivers :rage: just a blank page once I pick which driver I want to switch too @nayelyz

The blank screen when switching drivers has also been reported on the Android app update a couple days ago.


Welcome to the club, Android users got that little treat 1st. Not being able to change edge drivers.

Please, check this post, there’s an alternative to make this change using the SmartThings CLI:

CC @Drknght4

Is anyone else experiencing a problem with the iOS app? Doesn’t want to connect to the server?

Mine is working.

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What do you mean by “server”? Do you get an error message?

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Yes (message was : Can’t connect to server) but it fixed itself. All good now